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DataMGR is an application that gives you insight into the heavy users of your Office 365 environment. Take action today and save dramatically on data!
The all-in-one application tailored to the new way of working. (Video) conferencing, chat, collaboration... It's all possible!
Office 365 is the most widely used collaboration platform. Discover the numerous tools to optimize the productivity of your organization.
As a customer, stay informed about support, security alerts and general support.
Our licensing team is proactively taking action to delay and even avoid this price change for as long as possible. Read here how ...
Do you have valuable items in use, transport or rental? Make them smart with low-cost trackers from Sensolus
In a world where physical and digital collaboration and/or meetings are becoming increasingly important, a uniform system is of vital importance
Impress your company with a gigantic touchscreen that is connected to your Office 365 environment!
Open Value, Business Standard vs Business Premium, E3 vs E5, Office 365 vs Microsoft 365, ... Can you still see the trees for the forest? Proper software licensing is important. Besides the legal aspect, there are also the savings that can be made by providing every employee with the correct licence.
Give your career in IT a kick start! VanRoey.be offers a paid intensive training program for IT professionals!
What is it, what can it be and what should you pay attention to when implementing it in your company?
Microsoft raises the bar with the stunning Surface Pro tablets, laptops, Studio and hybrid devices!
Your virtual visit to the VanRoey Experience Center! View all videos here.
An on-premise data centre or the cloud? We offer the best of both worlds with Infrastructure-as-a-Service on Belgian soil.
Outsource your IT management. Our team of +100 certified specialists is at your service 24/7 and keeps your ICT under strict control. We also think strategically about the future of your organisation. So you can concentrate on your core tasks.
The smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365 that seamlessly integrates with SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, Power Automate and PowerApps.
Come and experience the latest technologies to support your employees, better serve your customers and optimize your business or products!
A data center is rarely 100% cloud or 100% on-premise. A reasoned combination of both is usually best. Count on our insights to make the right choices!
Outsource your IT management. Our team is at your service up to 24/7 and keeps your ICT healthy and under strict control. So you can concentrate on your core tasks
Prevent hacks, malware, cryptolockers and viruses in your company by deploying the right solutions.
As a Fortinet Platinum Partner, VanRoey.be is the right place for you to be advised and supported about the rock-solid Fortinet Security Fabric.
Managing a fast & stable (wireless) network requires the right expertise. Our colleagues are maximally certified to assist you in this.
Optimize business processes & services. Use sensors to extract data from your existing assets and enrich your ERP environment, database architecture or MS Power Automate....
Migrating your company to (a new version of) Dynamics 365, SharePoint or Office 365 is a big challenge. We provide support!
The weakest link in your security is the end users. Teach them to recognize phishing and malware, automated!
Progress in the digital workplace often goes hand in hand with resistance - with our User Adoption Plan you can turn this into enthusiasm!
No surprise, because 2 years ago Microsoft completely dedicated itself to Teams, which take care of chat, video, audio conversations, and so on.
E-Commerce Webstore Platform: The complete user guide with text and images!
Next level Business Intelligence: Visualize complex data from different sources in real-time dashboards.
Good communication between all parties for service cheque companies. Our app allows both internal and external communication to run smoothly.
Use state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure without the necessary investment. All services integrate perfectly with your on-premise data centre.
A suite of smart ICT solutions tailored to smaller organisations (up to +/- 15 users): Security, Management, Cloud and communication!
We always ensure clear agreements and treat your privacy with care.
Protection on PC, Mac, mobile devices and servers through one intuitive, cloud-based management console. Secure your business with this powerful antivirus.
Do you want to improve the communication & collaboration within your team? We compare these 2 common solutions for you.
In Office 365, files are definitively gone when you empty the trash, otherwise already after 30 days! Someone with bad intentions can do so much damage.
Migrate the huge storage on your fileservers to Azure and use local storage as a cache. Faster, safer and cheaper!
Replace classic backup of your company. Automatically, via the Cloud. Duplicated & compressed, for a very low price!
Cloud, on-premise, or simply hybrid. From WiFi to data centre, within one or more branches, we do it all!
Automatically start a duplicate of your VMs in the cloud so you don't experience any downtime. Fast, efficient and inexpensive!
Prevents data leaking/theft by detecting & analyzing suspicious movements of employees and systems.
As a Microsoft Solution Architect, you are Single Point Of Contact to our business customers, you are responsible for the presales on the one hand, and as a specialist in the field you provide support to Account Managers at Microsoft opportunities on the other. You start from an analysis in which you clearly identify the needs of the potential customer, and then work out possibilities for improvement in terms of quality, service and cost reduction, on the basis of which you will be able to convince the customer completely. You will report to the Operations Manager.
Cybersecurity is vital. Don't give hackers a chance. Discover our watertight ICT security solutions, audits and strategy!
Find the perfect workstation for you or your employees. Whether they're in the office, at home or on the road, there's something for everyone.
Dynamics 365 Business Central is a simple all-in-one business management solution that connects all aspects of your business so you can make smarter decisions.
Office 365 + Windows 10 + security and so much more... in one inexpensive suite from as little as €16.9 per user per month.
Keep your finger on the pulse of your employees; from initial contact and job application to retirement; with Talent you can take your HR management to the next level!
The Holy Grail for Project Developers: From feasibility study to invoicing. Calculations of projects, feasibility calculations, budgets, quotities calculation, follow-up of progress statements & invoicing according to Breyne law.
Break down silos created by traditional ERP and CRM solutions and experience digital transformation
Automate, increase efficiency and work better together. Do more with less and earn more with less work!
"We are the Trusted Guide to your digital journey, so you can create wonderful things" - That's our mission. Every organization's growth strategy today must have a digital component. Business, strategy and ICT cannot do without each other.
Keeping your (cloud) infrastructure in top condition, guarding security... find the right people... Count on our expertise for this!
IT service provider for organisations and companies. We digitise and automate processes so that you can work together more efficiently and better.
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