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How do Dell XPS and Latitude notebooks differ? We compare the options and features for you...
To better serve your school, the solutions offered by Yes.be will now be included in VanRoey | EuroSys' standard offering
Take a close look at your organisation's security with a comprehensive IT Security Audit by our specialists....
EuroSys becomes VanRoey | EuroSys! We are joining forces and offering even more solutions with even better service....
How does Microsoft 365 compare to Google Workspaces? We try to summarise it for you in this blog.
To set up a webinar in a simple way, Microsoft Teams is a great tool. We share some tips & tricks from our own experience.
Discover in how Microsoft Intune in combination with the Belgian Scappman can take the installation and updating of software out of your hands.
Rockfon produces beautiful acoustic ceiling and wall solutions that provide extra concentration in classrooms, more enjoyment in restaurants and more peace in a working environment. In October 2022, Rockfon's Belgian headquarters and factory in Wijnegem experienced a genuine renovation. We were asked to also 'renovate' the digital partition.
Vlinvesta is a holding company of several companies. The number of companies within the group increased in recent years, but the companies on their own also continued to expand. The result? An IT infrastructure that came under enormous pressure. Together with EuroSys, Vlinvesta worked out a solution for the fragmented infrastructure and changing needs.
Pour repetitive operations and complex business processes into a smart, automated 'flow'.
With Power Apps, you optimise business processes in an instant by making complex things simple for your colleagues
The Power Platform is a collective term for low-code tools that let different datasets talk to each other easily
ICT specialist EuroSys announces joining forces with investment company Fortino and VanRoey.be.
Microsoft is changing its licensing structure quite dramatically and some prices are going up. But, just like with your energy supplier, it can be quite rewarding to take a look at revising your formulas. Colleague Ines Van Hoof, Licensing Specialist at VanRoey.be, gives you all the details!
Create apps yourself without programming and ensure simple, streamlined operation!
Fast and easy online booking processing? It's possible with Microsoft Bookings; fully tailored to your schedules.
We are always looking for many profiles. Fancy working for us? Apply spontaneously or view all vacancies....
Did you know that there are a lot of savings to be made with the new licensing model within Microsoft 365? Our licensing specialist Ines Van Hoof takes a closer look at them for you!
With Managed Services, you outsource all or part of the management & maintenance of your IT environment to our certified experts.
With Managed Services, you outsource all or part of the management & maintenance of your IT environment to our certified experts.
Count on our specialists to support your IT department and environment when needed; up to 24 on 7!
Technology providers abound. For every challenge, you will find several software solutions that claim to be the best. However, Microsoft 365 is the only platform that allows all its solutions to communicate and work together perfectly. Time to share with you the latest!
Lots of new features will be rolled out again within the VIVA platform in early 2023. You will discover them here!
Stein shares interesting market insights and interventions to move towards an ideal business operation. Microsoft Ignite 2022 will also be discussed.
Scappman further extends the capabilities of Microsoft Intune: automate packaged updates, create User-groups, fast or slow ring...
Microsoft has started to turn on Azure AD Security Defaults. The use of MFA becomes mandatory for all users.
VanRoey.be works according to PRINCE2 Principles, supplemented by AGILE. You can read what this means for your organisation here.
For constantly strict controls and explicitly grant rights instead of taking them away. Trust no-one!
Follina is a vulnerability in the Support Diagnostics Tool that allows remote code execution with rights of the used program.
Would you like to replace the classic telephone exchange and make calls using Microsoft Teams? Our expert will show you how it works in about 20 minutes!
DataMGR is an application that gives you insight into the heavy users of your Office 365 environment. Take action today and save dramatically on data!
VanRoey.be has been putting its best foot forward for people, the environment and society for years
How do you switch to automated software deployment? Follow our webinar on Microsoft Intune & Scappman & find out the answer!
The all-in-one application tailored to the new way of working. (Video) conferencing, chat, collaboration... It's all possible!
Office 365 is the most widely used collaboration platform. Discover the numerous tools to optimize the productivity of your organization.
As a customer, stay informed about support, security alerts and general support.
Our licensing team is proactively taking action to delay and even avoid this price change for as long as possible. Read here how ...
Do you have valuable items in use, transport or rental? Make them smart with low-cost trackers from Sensolus
Practice makes perfect! Discover in one afternoon the right ingredients for hybrid meetings & get to work with our tips and tricks about Teams.
Thanks to PowerPoint Live, presenting online is a piece of cake. We list the possibilities for you.
Setting an out of office status in Microsoft Teams is very simple. We list the different steps for you.
All our contact details, opening hours and addresses are collected. You can also find our VAT and SME portfolio registration numbers.
Microsoft Viva unites a number of tools that improve the work experience of employees.
In a world where physical and digital collaboration and/or meetings are becoming increasingly important, a uniform system is of vital importance
The Dynamics 365 Platform is becoming more comprehensive, smarter and better integrated with other services like Teams...
Impress your company with a gigantic touchscreen that is connected to your Office 365 environment!
Open Value, Business Standard vs Business Premium, E3 vs E5, Office 365 vs Microsoft 365, ... Can you still see the trees for the forest? Proper software licensing is important. Besides the legal aspect, there are also the savings that can be made by providing every employee with the correct licence.
Give your career in IT a kick start! VanRoey.be offers a paid intensive training program for IT professionals!
Your colleagues learn how to work better with Teams in a playful manner! Find the hacker who is holding the financial world hostage.
Link applications and data and automate time-consuming processes or tasks.
Defender is becoming more and more important to Microsoft. To create clarity, they reorganized the naming.
Microsoft launches some useful features for more interactions during your Teams meetings.
What is it, what can it be and what should you pay attention to when implementing it in your company?
Microsoft raises the bar with the stunning Surface Pro tablets, laptops, Studio and hybrid devices!
These are turbulent times. As a company, it is therefore more important than ever to make the right strategic choices in terms of digitalisation. Captain Inge and a few helmsmen will be happy to advise you on making the right decisions.
These are turbulent times. As a company, it is therefore more important than ever to make the right strategic choices in terms of digitalisation. Captain Kris and a few helmsmen will be happy to advise you on making the right decisions.
These are turbulent times. As a company, it is therefore more important than ever to make the right strategic choices in terms of digitalisation. Captain Dieter and a few helmsmen will be happy to advise you on making the right decisions.
These are turbulent times. As a company, it is therefore more important than ever to make the right strategic choices in terms of digitalisation. Captain Joris and a few helmsmen will be happy to advise you on making the right decisions.
These are turbulent times. Captain Frenk and some helmsmen are happy to advise you to make the right decisions.
These are turbulent times. As a company, it is therefore more important than ever to make the right strategic choices in terms of digitalisation. Captain Stefaan and a few helmsmen will be happy to advise you on making the right decisions.
Your virtual visit to the VanRoey Experience Center! View all videos here.
An on-premise data centre or the cloud? We offer the best of both worlds with Infrastructure-as-a-Service on Belgian soil.
Here are some guidelines for layout within the VanRoey.be corporate identity
What is XDR? What does XDR do and how does it counter new malware or cryptolockers so well? You'll find out here!
Using your classic PBX or ISDN line via MS Teams offers many possibilities. How does it work? What can be done? You can read it in this blog!
The smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365 that seamlessly integrates with SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, Power Automate and PowerApps.
Come and experience the latest technologies to support your employees, better serve your customers and optimize your business or products!
A data center is rarely 100% cloud or 100% on-premise. A reasoned combination of both is usually best. Count on our insights to make the right choices!
Discover our different backup options to secure your data; on premise or in the cloud via Azure
The dynamics in the Microsoft 365 suite makes it best to update the licensing formulas from time to time to suit new needs, apps & features.
Prevent hacks, malware, cryptolockers and viruses in your company by deploying the right solutions.
Rely on our experience in thousands of environments to lay the puzzle of specific solutions fundamentally right for your organization.
As a Fortinet Platinum Partner, VanRoey.be is the right place for you to be advised and supported about the rock-solid Fortinet Security Fabric.
Prevent dangerous programs and/or files from existing or running within the network.
Managing a fast & stable (wireless) network requires the right expertise. Our colleagues are maximally certified to assist you in this.
Optimize business processes & services. Use sensors to extract data from your existing assets and enrich your ERP environment, database architecture or MS Power Automate....
The collaboration tool Microsoft Teams offers you many more possibilities than chatting and calling. Discover how you can boost your productivity!
Migrating your company to (a new version of) Dynamics 365, SharePoint or Office 365 is a big challenge. We provide support!
The weakest link in your security is the end users. Teach them to recognize phishing and malware, automated!
Our expert zooms in on Multi-factor authentication, Password Writeback, Device Management, Conditional Access within Microsoft EMS.
Progress in the digital workplace often goes hand in hand with resistance - with our User Adoption Plan you can turn this into enthusiasm!
The beta version of the Office app is available & we have tested it extensively. It undoubtedly has the potential to become the productivity app!
A lot of people use Teams and yet not everyone uses the enormous potential. Do you already know these 3 handy features?
Microsoft's targets? Even better and more betting on data. More specifically, search for data. Discover here 8 novelties you can expect in 2020!
No surprise, because 2 years ago Microsoft completely dedicated itself to Teams, which take care of chat, video, audio conversations, and so on.
Don't you know the difference between the two exactly? We show in an overview where the two suites differ.
Vzw KIDS needed a faster and more secure network. There are also an increasing number of mobile devices within KIDS that need to be able to go online securely. EuroSys guided KIDS with the expansion of the Wi-Fi network, the installation of a powerful firewall and training for the IT staff.
E-Commerce Webstore Platform: The complete user guide with text and images!
Next level Business Intelligence: Visualize complex data from different sources in real-time dashboards.
Wondering what Microsoft Teams has to offer you? Discover the most important features of Teams in an afternoon.
Good communication between all parties for service cheque companies. Our app allows both internal and external communication to run smoothly.
Use state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure without the necessary investment. All services integrate perfectly with your on-premise data centre.
We always ensure clear agreements and treat your privacy with care.
Protection on PC, Mac, mobile devices and servers through one intuitive, cloud-based management console. Secure your business with this powerful antivirus.
Do you want to improve the communication & collaboration within your team? We compare these 2 common solutions for you.
An off-site cloud backup for all your clients and virtual machines to Microsoft Azure.
In Office 365, files are definitively gone when you empty the trash, otherwise already after 30 days! Someone with bad intentions can do so much damage.
Migrate the huge storage on your fileservers to Azure and use local storage as a cache. Faster, safer and cheaper!
Replace classic backup of your company. Automatically, via the Cloud. Duplicated & compressed, for a very low price!
Cloud, on-premise, or simply hybrid. From WiFi to data centre, within one or more branches, we do it all!
Automatically start a duplicate of your VMs in the cloud so you don't experience any downtime. Fast, efficient and inexpensive!
EMS secures and simplifies the management of your (mobile) operation. What exactly does the suite mean and how does EMS E3 versus EMS E5 compare? Discover it here.
Cybersecurity is vital. Don't give hackers a chance. Discover our watertight ICT security solutions, audits and strategy!
Find the perfect workstation for you or your employees. Whether they're in the office, at home or on the road, there's something for everyone.
Since 2015, VanRoey.be has had a framework contract with the non-profit organization Smals for the delivery of Fortinet and Security solutions to the Belgian government.
Dynamics 365 Business Central is a simple all-in-one business management solution that connects all aspects of your business so you can make smarter decisions.
What do the suites offer and, above all, how much does it cost? Receive free of charge our 2 high-resolution schedules with price listings for all individual modules and suites.
Office 365 + Windows 10 + security and so much more... in one inexpensive suite from as little as €16.9 per user per month.
A practical solution for construction and installation companies that supports you in all day-to-day administrative and logistic tasks.
Keep your finger on the pulse of your employees; from initial contact and job application to retirement; with Talent you can take your HR management to the next level!
The Holy Grail for Project Developers: From feasibility study to invoicing. Calculations of projects, feasibility calculations, budgets, quotities calculation, follow-up of progress statements & invoicing according to Breyne law.
Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics are the names of the CRM world. Compare the pros and cons here!
Break down silos created by traditional ERP and CRM solutions and experience digital transformation
Automate, increase efficiency and work better together. Do more with less and earn more with less work!
"We are the Trusted Guide to your digital journey, so you can create wonderful things" - That's our mission. Every organization's growth strategy today must have a digital component. Business, strategy and ICT cannot do without each other.
IT service provider for organisations and companies. We digitise and automate processes so that you can work together more efficiently and better.

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On 26 Oct, we will dive deeper into the world of digitalisation and how it can transform your organisation. Among other things, you will get an exclusive preview of Microsoft's AI tool 'Copilot', trends in ERP, CRM & Marketing Automation & Voka will show us its new office in Mechelen!

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