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For almost 25 years, group Corbie Hotel has been the mission to make the stay of its guests as pleasant as possible. Its excellent service and strong presence in the Antwerp Kempen, makes Corbie Hotel a renowned value in the sector. At four locations (Geel, Mol, Lommel and Lommel Ring), the group offers spacious, modern hotel rooms and furnished apartments. Jan Baptist Koch, manager of the hotels in Mol and Lommel saw the need for a flawless WiFi connection to grow and therefore appealed to the expertise of VanRoey.be to realize this.

In 2004, Jan Baptist and sister Pauline took over the management of their father. Jan Baptist went to run the hotel in Mol. Paulien that of Geel A professional approach combined with the warmth of a family business clearly proves to be a success. The fourth hotel along the ring in Lommel ring was only just officially opened, or there was already an announcement for a fifth in Geel. Jan Baptist illuminates the concept: “Because of our spacious hotel rooms and furnished apartments we mainly attract the professional audience. But also private customers who are looking for an overnight stay can find us. ”

“The free offering of a high-quality WiFi signal is considered obvious today” Jan Baptist continues. Not so long ago this was a paid service. First with a fixed computer in the lobby. Afterwards a wired connection to the room. But because of the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, this was no longer sufficient. ” After working with a local provider for several years, VanRoey.be’s expertise was invoked to optimise the entire wired and wireless network.

The free offering of a high-quality WiFi is considered obvious today.

Jan Baptist KochManager Corbie Hotels Mol & Lommel

“From the beginning of the collaboration I was able to experience the professional approach of VanRoey.be. Before sending a quote, a comprehensive on-site WiFi analysis was first carried out. And this for the 3 hotels. the final choice for VanRoey.be is based on 3 key pillars: price, reputation and reliability. “

Logo Ruckus NetworksTo ensure that the wireless network remains at peak moments, the products of Ruckus networkshave been chosen:


Fortinet Firewall


Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi


Ruckus ICX


Ruckus ZoneFlex

Jan Baptist looks back satisfied: “As a hotel manager you do everything to make your guests ‘ stay as pleasant as possible. You don’t want their satisfaction to be influenced by the quality of the WiFi network. And on the other hand, security was also an important aspect. To protect our own data, we opted for a completely separate network on which our visitors can surf. Because the signal does not stop at the door. “

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