SFZ – that is “care on your side”. This is the slogan used by more than 110 physicians and 800 hospital staff in an attempt to emphasise the warm and personal care they provide for their patients. The fact that this is high-quality and safe care, is proven by the recently achieved ‘Q-mentum’ quality label granted by the independent Dutch Institute for Accreditation in the Care Institution (NIAZ). Quality, but also customer-friendliness, are top priorities for the employees of the SFZ. It is a safe and well-organised hospital that is constantly looking to improve the care provided.

Confirming identity through smartphone

The road towards VanRoey.be seemed predestined when Raf Claes, CIO of the Sint-Franciscus Hospital, contacted SMS-Passcode for a switch from Vasco. Raf: “Indeed, two-factor authentication is a must these days and our medical staff denounced the hardware tokens of Vasco as they sometimes become defective or get lost. When we called upon SMS-Passcode for advice, the organisation immediately recommended VanRoey.be because of its experience and expertise in the field of multifactorial authentication.”

Joris Swaelen, Account Manager at VanRoey.be: “The smartphone is cherished nowadays. It is not dangling from a key ring nor is it left behind on a desk. The evolution of hardware tokens to an integrated solution therefore makes sense. The hospital now works with 200 SMS-Passcode licenses providing employees secured access through their own smartphone.” Raf adds: “A password alone is no longer enough these days. Even the most complicated passwords are too often stored in an unsafe place, are used for multiple accounts, can be ‘phished’ or hacked by means of brute-force attacks. By requiring an additional code that is displayed one-time and only on the smartphone of the user, you immediately preclude hackers from gaining access that way.”.

This is where VanRoey.be makes the difference; The extensive knowhow and the direct communication with Ruckus, offers us the trust needed in the quality of the setup and configuration.

Raf ClaesCIO Sint-Franciscus Hospital

Raf: “This is where VanRoey.be made the difference once again. Hans immediately responded to this new development in the market and conducted in-depth research into the support and operation of the R510 APs. That knowhow and the direct communication between VanRoey.be and Ruckus offered us the trust needed in the quality of the setup and configuration. We know the possibilities of our purchase, both today and in the future when RTLS becomes operational.”

The installation of the R510 ZoneFlex access points commenced in January 2017. The locations in Heusden-Zolder and the Medical Centre Beringen were provided with 121 new access points. The entire network is managed by a Ruckus Virtual SmartZone controller and monitored actively by Ruckus SmartCell Insight. This gives Raf and his colleagues clear insight into the use and the status of the wireless network.

In order to grant both patients and guest visitors easy but safe access, Ruckus CloudPath is activated as ‘onboarding’ system. This way, they can give themselves access with any device (BYOD) to the shielded network and benefit from, among other things, specific security measures without them being able to colour outside the lines.

Raf: “As indicated previously, our first priority is to activate RTLS. But for us to be able to enjoy these track & trace functionalities, we still have to make a few investments. We must double the 121 access points and that will entail major cabling work. We also have to equip the medical material, patients in geriatrics, staff with RFID or Bluetooth beacons. We even go as far as to implement IoT (internet of things) sensors to, for example, read temperatures or values of certain instruments. The end result promises to become a fully monitored environment offering us extensive insights.

We will also examine the maintenance of the network. We are currently looking at a three-monthly health check of our wireless network. That is how we stay on top in terms of signal strength, the onboarding system, stability of the connection… in order to always guarantee and optimise the operation.”

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