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Trust Digital. Create Wonderful Things

“We are the Trusted Guide to your digital journey, so you can create wonderful things”

That’s our mission

We believe the growth strategy of a company or organisation today also requires a digital element. Business, strategy and ICT cannot exist without one another.

Imagine the crucial processes in your organisation without ICT, without digital and online components, etc. How will you find your new employees today? How will communication and collaboration within your company take place? How can your customers find you? How can you offer them a better service? How do you protect the most important (digital) properties of your organisation? ICT is crucial, and that’s why it needs to be in the best possible shape.

ICT makes it much easier for your customers and business relations to do business with you. Your employees can work with user-friendly tools that greatly increase their job satisfaction and efficiency. But in the background, there is a complex environment requiring complex management. That’s the IT paradox.

How do you keep your systems up and running at all times, without failing? A fault today could result in a loss of work due to a technical breakdown, and this loss could quickly cost tens of thousands of Euros. How do you let your employees work efficiently, wherever they are? How do you optimise your online presence? How do make investment decisions? Hacking is Big Business. How do you protect your data? And what about privacy?

We have been the ICT partner of entrepreneurs, companies, healthcare institutions, schools and governments for 25 years.

From our offices in Turnhout, Geel, Mechelen and Antwerp, we offer well thought-out solutions in Infrastructure (Security, Storage & Cloud, Networking & Internet, Clients & Printing, Mobile) and Applications (Dynamics and Office365, Odoo, SharePoint, Apps & E- commerce). You can also count on a comprehensive package of services such as Managed Services and Staffing. We have developed specific know-how and solutions for a number of markets: construction & real estate, port & logistics, the healthcare sector, governments, education, retail & hospitality.

Do you trust that you have taken the correct steps towards digitalisation?

Do you want to fully set up and monitor this complex environment yourself? Can you afford, (and do you want) so much expertise on your payroll? Do you think it's OK that your own IT department loses time extinguishing fires and carrying out emergency procedures, or would you prefer them to have a strategic role? Working with an external partner?

Our solutions and services ensure you can concentrate on your core tasks and make your company and customers shine. You can entrust the setting up and management of your ICT environment to VanRoey.be: with outstanding quality guarantees and response times. We ensure you remain a reliable and successful business partner: agile, fast, safe and mobile.

Why VanRoey.be?

Strategic, from A to Z

We can assist you with every ICT project, from start to finish. Taking a bird's eye view of your ICT environment. Starting from your growth strategy

Open and transparent

We work transparently. When you start working with us, you know what you are starting and what it will cost.

Honest and reasoned

We see the big picture, but keep both feet on the ground at the same time. The right solutions, ready for the future.

Maximum certification

We are highly certified for our carefully selected top brands: Microsoft, Fortinet, HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aruba, Veeam, Symantec, Telenet, Ruckus, etc. We are passionate about the brands we follow, and we know them through and through. Our people are experts in their field.

For the long run

We are at our best when we enter into a long-term relationship with you. We can then get to know your environment, learn how to manage it well, and preferably also monitor it. We can then work strategically and proactively to prevent problems such as failures or a cyberattack


There are two perception and service points in Turnhout and Geel where visitors can receive personal advice about mobile and safe collaboration and personal devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, printers etc.). There is a service point in Mechelen. Webstore.be is the VanRoey.be e-shop containing a portfolio of carefully selected hardware and software solutions and excellent logistics.

Prize cabinet

Every company can proclaim to be the best. VanRoey.be has gathered numerous Flemish awards and honorary titles that confirm our quality, reliability, service and other aspects. We also have an impressive list of partnerships with the most important players in the sector.

    (6 maart) Partner Awards: Customer Choice Award, (Derde jaar op rij!)

VOKA Nomination ‘Excellent Enterprise’ Region Kempen

Finalist “The Energy Champion”

2010 – Interact/Ingram Micro Reseller Awards: Best Market Development

2008 – Nominated UNIZO KMO Laureaat

2008 – Interact/Ingram Micro Reseller Awards: Best Marketing

2008 – QCom HP preferred partner of the year: SMB & Small office customers

2007 – VOKA – Price for entrepreneurs

2007 – QCom HP preferred partner of the year:SMB & Small office channel

2006 – Interact/Ingram Micro Reseller Awards: Best new partner

2002 – Finalist VOKA “Entrepreneur of the year”

2002 – Entrepreneur of the year LVZ Arrondissement Turnhout

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Trust Digital.
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