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Van Roey Automation becomes Van Roey ICT Group

“Van Roey Automation” was started by Pat Van Roey 25 years ago.

A lot has changed in the meantime.


Today, Pat is still the owner and General Manager of the Van Roey ICT Group. Pat quit his job as an engineer at Philips in Turnhout to sell computers from his garage. He started out part-time, but this quickly became a full-time job with a team around him.

Growth company

Van Roey Automation started from the Wieltjeshoeve on the Steenweg in Merksplas. Huge growth resulted in a move to the current head office at Kempenlaan 2 in Turnhout. Offices in Geel, Mechelen and Antwerp followed later under the name VanRoey.be.

Continuously moving

What started as a service for both private and professional users evolved into a focus on business customers. First mostly client devices (PCs, laptops, tablets and printers, etc.), but this soon grew to include infrastructure, security, cloud, mobile, applications and services.

Strategic switching

The company grew year after year. Pat and his team succeeded in quickly recognising trends and adapting supply and services accordingly. The company was “commemorated” several times: innovation and agility are high on our list. But our sector demands this.

Van Roey ICT Group

Van Roey Automation merged with the Van Roey ICT Group in 2011. Today, the Van Roey ICT Group consists of four companies: VanRoey.be, Logiqstar, Sirvo and Senzyx. We will provide more details about the last three below.


Logiqstar, All-in-One Logistics Apps

Logiqstar has been part of the Van Roey ICT Group since the beginning of 2016. With its headquarters in the port of Antwerp, and partnerships in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Ukraine, this was a big step in the international growth strategy of the Van Roey ICT Group.

Logiqstar’s customers are major international logistics service providers: port companies, customs offices, freight forwarders and logistics companies. These companies can now manage their complex operational and financial business processes in a simple and transparent way thanks to a unique platform of apps. It offers the user one solution to manage all processes, from the first contact with the customer or supplier, through handling, to invoicing and payment. All the data can be consulted and used by all parties involved at any time. All this without paper documentation. And without double entry.

The platform supports truck, water, train and air freight. Logiqstar works modularly, customers can expand the platform gradually. It is extremely flexible and adapts easily to specific requirements, current laws and government regulations.

Logiqstar is built on, and certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The platform feels customised, but 90% is standard. All the advantages of Dynamics 365 are therefore also applicable to Logiqstar: easy to use, familiar, complete, scalable and compatible with all other Microsoft applications such as Office 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) and SharePoint. It can be used on site and in the cloud, and is internationally supported by more than 4,000 certified software companies.

General Manager Pat Van Roey: “Different elements played a part in this decision. Of course, we firmly believe in the solution that Logiqstar offers logistic service providers. Strengthened by the sales expertise of the VanRoey.be team, we want to expand the customer portfolio considerably. We think this can happen worldwide, and it should not surprise the sector. Logiqstar is an export product. It has long been a dream to grow my company internationally. I have also dreamt of giving the ambitious people in my team the opportunity for further growth.”

Visit Logiqstar.comVisit Logiqstar.com

Logo Sirvo

digitisation of care administration makes more time available for customers

Sirvo has one simple objective: reduce the administrative burden of healthcare providers in facilities for people with disabilities so they have more time for their customers. The software package digitises the fragmented information in the facilities and makes it accessible to the right person at the right time: the customer’s file, messages, calendars, tasks, action plans, reports, etc. Sirvo is available to everyone in these facilities: customer, care provider, administrative staff and support services.

Sirvo ensures transparency, and is available for one fixed and very affordable price.

Pat Van Roey, General Manager of the Van Roey ICT Group: “I strongly believe in the solution offered by Sirvo healthcare companies. We are increasingly using ICT for electricity or telephony: do I get exactly what I need and what does it cost me per month? Sirvo can play a very useful role in this. By working out its solution in cooperation with customers, and by applying a very transparent price strategy (€10 per full-time employee per month, excl. VAT). In recent years, I have been fascinated by the possibilities of digitisation for the healthcare sector with respect to patients and caregivers. So this cooperation has not come out of the blue as I’m also closely involved in the start-up of the Healthcare Network in the Kempen area, and behind the start-up SenZYX.”

Visit Sirvo.beVisit Sirvo.be

Logo Senzyx

Senzyx, a start-up in the healthcare sector

Lower Back Pain (LBP) is a common, persistent and costly health problem, often with a significant impact on daily lives. 51 to 90% of people experience LBP at some point in their lives. Worldwide, chronic LBP (CLBP) is the most common and expensive work-related musculoskeletal disorder. Nursing has been identified as a high-risk profession for the development of occupational-related LBP.

SenZYX prevents and heals lower back pain by focusing on the prevention of, and the provision of individual support for lower back pain.The solution is simple. You download our app to your favourite mobile device and attach a small sensor to your body that connects wirelessly to your device. SenZYX then goes to work for you: SenZYX continuously monitors the user’s posture, reports daily activity (number of hours sitting, hours of movement, steps walked, stairs climbed, hours in the car, etc.) and then uses a back-office application to pass the data on to first and second line care for simple follow-up by the care expert. He/she can then provide psychological help, work schedule adjustments, or methodologies and training schedules for the user to develop a prevention or rehabilitation process. This means MULTIDISCIPLINARY treatment of CLBP.

The use of sensors in pilot projects providing immediate feedback on the lower back has already demonstrated that a reduction of LBP-caused work disability in more than 50% of nurses is possible.

General Manager Pat Van Roey: “With SenZYX, Van Roey ICT Group is targeting two different target groups. First of all, there is the professional market. For example, many nurses suffer lower back pain. Second, there is the retail market, with the sporting user. However, it will take some time before the smart sensor comes to market. Our pilot project, using equipment from Crosscare, will last two years. SenZYX should be ready for the market by the end of 2018.”

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