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Migrate your local fileserver to the Cloud

Because of fast and easy access, company data is often stored on local file servers . But that is costly. So don’t neglect its use!

The annual data growth within an enterprise is gigantic. Will your disk space remain sufficient? or also; Aren’t you paying too much for this infrastructure?

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4 Important challenges with a classic on-premise file server:

  • Inactive data: occupies the majority of your storage capacity on your file and backup servers.
  • Availability: usually one fileserver per site.
  • Multi-Site Setup:keeping data available across multiple locations can be complex.
  • Price: storage for file servers (and its back-up) is not cheap. | Microsoft Gold Partner

With Azure File Sync , and Microsoft offer you a solution to the above challenges. Azure file Sync integrates and synchronizes your on-premise file server(s) with Microsoft Azure. And does this for different purposes: migration, Distribution and/or recovery. | Azure File Sync

01. Synchronisation

Your local files to Microsoft Azure, completely or partially.

02. Multi-Site Setup

Centralised backup and multi-site replication for additional redundancy.

03. Client Connection

End users won’t notice any difference and work as if the data is stored local.

04. Cache Server

Your local file server acts as a cache server instead of a primary file server. Only the files you actually use are stored locally.

05. Fast Restore

Install new physical or virtual servers and quickly and easily recover your data without impacting your files or applications.

06. Pay As You Go

Just pay what you use, not what you might need.

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When is Azure File Sync interesting for you?

You are using a traditional on-premise file server

The amount of data within your company grows exponentially every year

You want to centralize your data in a managed cloud

Your file server consists largely of (probably) obsolete data, which you still need to keep

When something goes wrong, you want your files to be restored quickly and easily

You have data that is not appropriate for SharePoint Online or OneDrive and requires a local server (Video, raw data…) | GDPR

Complies with GDPR guidelines

To ensure the security and privacy of your data, Azure File Sync is equipped with countless security measures to safeguard your data, fully in line with the strict European GDPR legislation.

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