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Hubo chooses HP Managed Print Services

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Do-it-yourself chain Hubo chooses VanRoey.be to optimize and automate the operation of its enormous printer fleet using HP Managed Print Services.
Hubo Logo | VanRoey.be

A proliferation of printers

Hubo can count on some 40 IT employees, including an 11-headed helpdesk that is ready every day - from the head office next to the E313 in Wommelgem - to support the people in the shops. Several of the questions that end up at the helpdesk relate to problems with printers, as printing is an important part of the daily operation of a shop and has an impact on operational efficiency and costs that should not be underestimated.

In the past, defective or malfunctioning printers were often replaced rather than repaired in order to prevent them from becoming an obstacle; in the short term, small fires could be extinguished in this way; in the longer term, however, this led to a proliferation of different types of printers, all with different consumables, with the result that there was no clear overview of the total cost of the print park. The IT helpdesk's overhead grew, and a more fundamental solution was needed.

IT Manager Stefan Draulans and Helpdesk Responsible for Bart Vos did their homework together and knocked on VanRoey.be's door.

Managed Print Services: Scalable & Reliable Solution

"Scalability was the most important requirement the solution had to meet." narrates Stefan us. "Almost half of the 153 stores are franchised, and the franchisees in turn manage various stores, ranging from one to twenty. We wanted to provide them with a flexible choice, so that we could immediately switch to VanRoey.be Managed Print Services for all of the stores under our own management.

Bart: “To ensure reliability, we reduced the number of printers to just two: the HP LaserJet Pro M402dn and a similar A4 printer with scanning functionality, HP LaserJet Pro M426fdn. This strategic simplification allows us to react quickly in the event of a malfunction and allows us to have only one type of consumable, significantly reducing the operational impact of printer problems and increasing cost efficiency, as well as delivering the required toners in a timely and fully automated manner.

A proactive partner with strong support

Stefan: "Soon after the first contacts with VanRoey.be, confidence grew and they actively thought along with it and came up with new ideas. Even during the roll-out, VanRoey.be employees continued to think along with the solution-focused approach. The technician didn't leave if he saw that something was not right yet.

"The fact that VanRoey.be has a strong partnership with HP was an important argument in choosing their Managed Print Services solution," adds Bart Vos. "This relationship of trust guarantees Hubo a smooth service, which is an important win-win for us. On the one hand, HP helps our employees in the shops and our franchisees quickly and with expertise, on the other hand, its own internal IT Helpdesk can pay more attention to other non-printing related questions.

Printing in digital times

The project was rolled out in less than two months in all of the company's own managed stores. Franchisees can join immediately or step by step - when replacing old printers.

"The project meets our expectations and in the meantime all the printers at our headquarters in Wommelgem have been replaced".  barrel Stefan together. "Despite the fact that we live in an increasingly digital society, printing remains an important aspect of operational management. We are pleased that we are now devoting the necessary attention to it together with VanRoey.be."

About Hubo
For 10 years in a row, Hubo has won the award of Best Retailer in Belgium in the category DIY stores. This is no coincidence, but the result of the consistent pursuit of four strategic pillars: proximity, correct price/quality, a wide range of products and a no-nonsense corporate culture. You can find the well-known do-it-yourself shop everywhere and also the Plafomat DIY stores for the professional user are part of Hubo. By the way, did you know that Hubo with 153 shops...all over Belgium, the largest non-food retailer in the country in terms of surface area is?
During the roll-out, VanRoey.be employees continued to think along with the solution-focused approach. The technician did not leave when he saw that something was not yet in order.”
Stefan Draulans
IT Manager at Hubo
Stefan Draulans Hubo

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