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Managed Services at Lodewijckx Group: recipe for trust and experience

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With Managed Services, we offer additional support in the management of IT infrastructure, allowing the company to focus entirely on core activities.
Ovyta Logo Lodewijckx Group

With Managed Services, VanRoey.be offers its customers extra support in managing their IT infrastructure, allowing both the company and its employees to focus entirely on their core activities.

Lodewijckx Group from Veerle-Laakdal is a customer from the very beginning of this service. Together with CEO Bert Lodewijckx and IT manager Steven Smeets, VanRoey.be keeps the ICT environment on track there.

Trust as a key ingredient

Eggs clearly have no secrets for the Lodewijckx Group, but ICT is a different matter. The family business has a lot of technological machines and servers, and VanRoey.be has always been called upon to monitor them all.

Bert Lodewijckx: “As a family business, trust is of paramount importance to us. Our cooperation with VanRoey.be has been going on for many years and we have grown together. They know our company like the back of our hand, and when they started offering Managed Services in 2016, we didn't hesitate to apply those services within our walls.

Not only extinguishing fires

ICT is a complex business that cannot be grasped by just one person. VanRoey.be offers a solution with Managed Services. VanRoey.be employees fully map out the customer's IT environment and respond quickly and appropriately, ensuring that the software is up-to-date and secure and providing transparent and clear analysis reports.

Bert Lodewijckx: “The interesting thing is that our IT manager can also participate in the strategic development and expansion of our ICT infrastructure himself. Moreover, he can always rely on the extensive support of experienced professionals, so that his tasks extend beyond fire-fighting. More importantly, our IT environment is now also monitored outside the hours.

Steven Smeets: "You notice that they have tons of experience at home, and they know how to deal with every problem, most of which we try to solve on our own, but in the case of technical problems that I can't handle myself or that I need more certainty about, they offer the necessary lifebuoy. In addition, in our place, they are aware of the novelties and clearly communicate why and how we can integrate them into our operations, they carry out a bimonthly health check of our systems, and we sit down with them on a monthly basis to discuss the situation at the time.

About Lodewijckx Group

The story of Lodewijckx NV starts in 1972 and today the family business has grown into a group that positions itself as a leading supplier of high quality eggs and egg products. Since 1992, all products are also collected under the brand name Cocovite, which includes liquid egg products such as scrambled eggs and pancake mix, fresh eggs, boiled and peeled eggs and pasteurised eggs, while Cocovite is now one of the top European companies and counts customers from the food service, retail and hospitality sectors as well as industrial food producers in more than 60 countries.

Recently, the Lodewijckx Group was nominated for the Voka Mechelen-Kempen Entrepreneurship Award 2018, where they were honoured for their continuous drive for innovation.

The interesting thing is that our IT manager can also participate in the strategic development and expansion of our ICT infrastructure and that our IT environment is now also monitored outside the hours.”
Bert Lodewijckx
CEO Lodewijckx Group
Bert Lodewijckx CEO Lodewijckx Group

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