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Municipality of Dessel works safely remotely with FortiGate firewalls

The Dessel municipality had a need to renew the network. The priority was the firewalls. The choice fell on Fortinet and VanRoey.be, whereby the municipality could enjoy more advantageous prices thanks to the Smals framework agreement.
Municipality of Dessel Logo | VanRoey.be

Fortinet Expert Partner | VanRoey.beThe municipality of Dessel was looking for intelligent firewalls that they could manage centrally. With the Fortigate Firewalls 11 locations of the board are now being SD-WAN This allows them to offer applications, services, copiers, etc. securely within a single network. Think of the primary schools, the administrative centre, workshops, the sports hall... The staff can now also work safely from home thanks to these firewalls.

All firewalls are managed with Fortimanager, and logging and troubleshooting can be done with FortiAnalyzer. The web application filter is also used to keep staff and schools away from malicious applications and websites.

About Municipality of Dessel

The municipality of Dessel in the Kempen, situated between Retie and Mol, has just under 10,000 inhabitants and is for metalheads synonymous with their annual high mass, Graspop. They are also known for their sand excavation and nuclear disposal.

"Where we used to have open-source static firewalls, we were now looking for dynamic, more intelligent firewalls that we could manage centrally."
Wim Huybrechts
Expert ICT Dessel
Wim Huybrechts, Municipality of Dessel | VanRoey.be
Let's catch up on cyber security. Especially now that homeworkers are being targeted more and more often. After watching this event, you will be up to date with the latest technologies.

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