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In order to realize better communication & planning between customers, service providers & administration, developed the app for the service cheque company.
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The sector of service cheques does not always have a good image, but Dienstenthuis shows that things can be done differently. The company headquartered in Turnhout uses an approach that gives the sector a new impetus, and the launch of its own application last year further stimulates the professionalisation of the company. In order to realise this app, Dienstenthuis approached "A smooth cooperation with an excellent result that always tastes for more", says Tim Klaassen, Managing Director of Dienstenthuis.

During an introductory interview, Dienstenthuis mainly checks the correct motivation of its applicants, and then uses a practical test to see if and where further training is needed. Through intensive training and guidance, they monitor the quality, but the spearhead remains the people-oriented entrepreneurship, the appreciation and motivation of all employees, and on a regular basis something special is done: such as the staff party, the personal messages on Home Assistance Day and many other extras. By creating this happiness culture, colleagues are seated in the colleagues' hands.

Digitisation and professionalisation

But this service requires organisation and planning. In order to be able to continue to realise and further optimise these services, Dienstenthuis toyed with the idea to your own application Today, this will put an end to the overload of paperwork and at the same time improve internal communication.

"In the past, our home helpers received hourly schedules on paper, now via the app, where they can make reports themselves or pass on claims, holidays and overtime. It also saves time and allows us to focus more on our employees and their concerns, and the app promotes a more professional image, which benefits the sector. Brushing is not just about brushing, but requires discipline and drive, and there are a lot of other things to be done.

Local partnership "We didn't look for the cheapest partner, we had a realistic budget and responded to that. We also wanted to promote local anchoring, also in partnerships, and of course we already knew in terms of name and excellent references. We got our light and from the very first contact we felt that it was all right, they had an understandable communication and understood our wishes.".

The most important challenge was to translate the ideas into a properly functioning application: "At Dienstenthuis, two people had a good idea of what the application should be capable of, but they couldn't assess what was technically possible and what wasn't. gave a lot of advice and guidance in this respect, so you can immediately see that they had the necessary experience in-house, and that they took on the link between the app and our software from another ICT partner without any problems. They also took on the task of linking the app with the software of another ICT partner, did not encounter any obstacles, did not come up with any obstacles, and the interaction was very smooth.

Thanks to the management system with a click-and-drag concept, changes can be made quickly without the need for IT knowledge. In this way, it is always possible to play fast on the ball.

Customers will also have access soon

After has developed and developed the application for the employees, there is already a new one in the pipeline: "The intention is now that we will also develop an app for our customers, because we want to offer them even better communication and service. In 2018, as a progressive company, you have to be able to offer this to them.

The end result is expected around New Year's. With this new application, customers will easily be able to see when the home help arrives and changes or leave can be passed on without any problems. Tim Klaassen is already looking forward to: "We are a trendsetter in the sector of service cheques, and behind the scenes we are doing everything we can to stay in this position."

About Dienstenthuis

Cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking and doing the shopping. The list of tasks of service cheque company Dienstenthuis varies. The company started 12 years ago and now has 8 offices in Turnhout, Oud-Turnhout, Kasterlee, Retie, Ravels, Hoogstraten and Brecht and employs some 980 people. The success factor is creating quality by doing business in a people-oriented manner. used an understandable communication and understood our wishes.”
Tim Klaassen
Managing Director
Tim Klaassen Service House

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