Sint-Franciscus Hospital connects people with Ruckus

With 121 new R510 ZoneFlex access points, the hospital manages the entire network through Ruckus Virtual SmartZone with SmartCell Insight.

Confirm identity via smartphone

The road to seemed predestined when Raf Claes, CIO of the Sint-Franciscus Hospital, contacted SMS Passcode for a transfer from Vasco. Raf: "Indeed, two-factor authentication is a must today and our medical personnel

Vasco's hardware tokens were criticized because they sometimes fail or get lost. When we turned to SMS Passcode for advice, the organization immediately recommended because of its experience and expertise in the field of multifactorial authentication."

Joris Swaelen, Account Manager at "The smartphone is cherished today: it doesn't hang on a bunch of keys or stay behind on a desk, so the evolution of hardware tokens towards an integrated solution is logical. Today, the hospital works with 200 SMS-Passcode licenses that give employees secure access via their own smartphone," Raf adds: "Today, a password alone is no longer enough. Even very complex passwords are too often stored in an insecure place, are used for multiple accounts, can be 'phished' or hacked by hacking.

Raf: "This is where once again made the difference. Hans immediately responded to this new market development and conducted in-depth research into the support and operation of the R510 APs. This know-how and the direct communication between and Ruckus itself gave us the necessary confidence in the quality of the design and configuration. We know what the possibilities are for our purchase, both today and in the future, when RTLS becomes active."

The installation of the R510 ZoneFlex access points started in January 2017. 121 new access points were installed at the Heusden-Zolder site and at the Beringen Medical Centre.
The entire network is managed by a Ruckus Virtual SmartZone controller and actively monitored by Ruckus SmartCell Insight, giving Raf and his colleagues clear insights into the use and status of the wireless network.

Ruckus CloudPath is used as an onboarding system in order to provide patients and guest visitors with easy but safe access. This allows them to use any device (BYOD) to grant themselves access to the protected network and to enjoy specific security measures without being able to colour outside the lines.

Future plans

Raf: "As mentioned earlier, our first priority is to activate RTLS, but in order to be able to enjoy these track & trace functionalities, we still need to make some investments. We will have to double the current 121 access points and this will involve major cabling work, as well as equipping medical equipment, patients in the geriatric sector, personnel with RFID or Bluetooth beacons, and we will even go so far as to use IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, for example, in order to read the temperatures or values of certain instruments. The end result promises a complete mono-mounting.

We also take a close look at the maintenance of the network. We are currently carrying out a quarterly health check of our wireless network to keep our finger on the pulse in terms of signal strength, the onboarding system, stability of the connection, etc. in order to guarantee and optimise its operation at all times.

About St Francis

With this slogan, a group of more than 110 physicians and 800 hospital employees want to emphasize the warm and personal care for their patients. The recently obtained 'Q-mentum' quality label awarded by the independent Dutch Institute for Accreditation in the care institution (NIAZ) proves that this is quality and safe care, and the SFZ employees attach great importance to quality as well as customer-friendliness. It is a safe and well-organized hospital that is constantly looking for ways to improve the care provided.

This is where makes the difference; The extensive know-how and direct communication with Ruckus itself gives us the necessary confidence in the quality of the setup and configuration.”
Raf Claes
CIO Sint-Franciscus Hospital
Raf Claes CIO St Francis Hospital

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