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We murmur where others smile

Many marketing agencies just do what you ask: Advertise on Google or Facebook? 800€ budget? With a smile there will be advertisements showing off tomorrow. We murmur. Because you can buy your starting place in the race, but without the right material, intensive training and the right attitude it's just a matter of course. lost money.

Marketing is much more than spending money. That's why we first focus on the 5 Marketing Fundamentals:

From Prologue to CHamps Elysées

Sales process

When you get a hot lead, is it picked up quickly and correctly? Is the communication friendly and professional? Are the documentation and presentation on-point...

Core Business

We're assuming this is okay. But if you sell separate calculators or VHS tape today and/or don't believe in digitization, you need a miracle in addition to marketing.

Website / Webshop

Do your visitors get a fast, enjoyable online experience on all devices? Is it easy to find (SEO?) And do visitors get the right information back quickly?

Conversion optimization

A visit alone doesn't give you that much... Are customers on the site motivated at the right time to make themselves known, to order, to contact you or whatever?

Efficient Data Processing

Do you still use separate excels or is there already CRM and/or ERP? Does this data communicate with the website? Do you have dashboards and KPI's to test campaigns?

Only when these 5 fundamentals are right, it makes sense to invest in paid marketing. We can help with that!

PROLOOG: "Dad, I want to be a pro driver."

"All right, Seppe, but before you start. Are you willing to invest in top gear? Sacrifice your weekends? You won't be the best right away, it's gonna be a fight! Are you willing to be on the scrolls day and night? Improve yourself constantly?"

Digital marketing is an a/o story... If one of your foundations is not right, there is little point in doing paid marketing. Because your recruited customer's experience is fundamentally limited if your sales team does not prepare its quotation until 2 weeks later. Do you want to stay ahead of digital marketing and your competitors? Then let us first analyse & perfect your fundamentals to guarantee maximum results later on.

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Ride 1: Your first amateur race

"Seppe, start quietly. First try to follow the platoon and hold on. You don't have to win this race."

If all the foundations are right, we can start digital marketing. But start quietly, with small budgets and learn from the new interaction. What does the competition do? Analyse your data, your audience, your results... Adjust your ads and strategy until you feel it's right. We do this with far-reaching measurements & dashboards.

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Ride 2: Your first mountain ride with semi-pros

"Seppe, boy, you've been working hard and I didn't drive to Mont Ventoux for nothing, did I? Now it's for real."

The big boys go beyond advertising alone. Selling something to a new customer is 10 times harder than someone who has already bought from you. The question is: how do you maintain that contact with the customer without being intrusive? How do you do it most efficiently cross or upselling?

This is difficult to follow up manually for all your new prospects. For this purpose, we use a system that marketing automation hot. With lots of like-then rules, we offer them a personalized experiencedepending on the pages they visited, the links they clicked (or not), products bought earlier, time of day, their region, gender or other interests...

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Ride 3: The pro ride requires the pro approach

"Dad, I don't think that kebab last night was a good idea... You were a great mentor, but I think I need a doctor, nutritionist and professional coach from now on. People who'll follow me up to get that last indent and stay healthy."

Dates is the new gold. But if it's scattered in loose excels, notes, emails, sales documents... you can't possibly get any added value out of it or perfect your way of working. We ensure a smooth flow by linking your site and/or online shop, your CRM, your ERP, your dashboards... In this way, everyone is sure to work with the most recent data, avoid duplication and start automating.

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Ride 4: In the lead

Reporter: "Seppe, deserved first place... What's your secret?" - "I can't possibly pin it on one thing. Top material, the right strategy, my coach, my doctor... my dad. All the elements that gave me that step ahead of me today!

Marketing is so much more than 'advertising'. It breathes your organization. Everything has to be right to be able to give the best of yourself unhindered. We are happy to help you with that.

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Care to lead the platoon?

We're not a classic marketing agency. We're a data first digital agency that will pave the way for you to get the most out of online campaigns and your customers.

First, we put your Marketing Fundamentals in order and can help you set up a new site and/or e-commerce. Then we focus on matters such as conversion optimization, marketing automation, SEO, SEA, social advertising, and so much more... So you can take the lead. May we get to know you?

Our advice is worth money

Suppose you want to advertise 'next week' online. A marketing agency is eager to take advantage of this and put advertisements on it. The planned budget of 1.000€ is spent and a week later they show off 'hundreds of new visitors'. Everyone happy. But most of all, you lose €1,000.

Example: Analysis shows that your product page has 10,000 visitors every month, of which 1% orders (i.e. 100 orders). What is the best way to get more orders?

Option A

Option B

Option A delivers immediate results and is quite cheap, but does not bring structural improvement. Option B (conversion optimization) takes a bit longer and costs more, but structurally results in twice as many orders every month. 

Now you understand why we won't advertise without prior thorough analysis.