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Use your wireless network as a powerful marketing and communication tool

With Cloud4Wi they can connect via their social media accounts and you not only get lots of insights about your visitors, you can also communicate with them in real time!

Know your client!

Access to comprehensive demographic information: gender, age, interests.

Location analysis

Get heatmaps and find out what the most visited places are. You can respond to this.


Distribute promotions via push notifications and give your customer just that little boost.


Receive real-time feedback from your customers & increase customer satisfaction

Who is Cloud4wi for?

Hotels & Restaurants
Cities & Municipalities
Sports and Fitness Centres
Shopping malls

Amusement parks

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Is Azure File Sync for you?

Expand your customer database

Anonymous visitors become known customers. Easily collect validated e-mail addresses while your customers are logging on to your Wi-Fi network. With opt-in, so in accordance with GDPR.

Know your customers

You know who your visitors are and you can segment them. You know what interests they have and in which department of your business they spend the most time.

Engage your customers

You can more easily communicate with them. You reach the right audience, at exactly the right place and time, through the right channel with a targeted message.

Turn your customers into fans

Use 'Social Wi-Fi' to grow your audience on a wide variety of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Plan and measure

your campaigns with out-of-the-box, location-based marketing tools.

Receive feedback from your customers

Record on-site surveys to collect feedback and experiences from your identified visitors.

GDPR Compliant

You understand that with this type of solution it is important to respect the privacy of your customers. Cloud4Wi has a number of specific features to be GDPR compliant:

Find out more!

Our experts will be happy to give you additional information about Cloud4Wi, or to explore with you how you can get the most out of this solution!


Figures show what customers expect from a visit to your branch today. With Cloud4Wi, you don't only get precious information from the visitors, you give them a better experience.

In addition to this white paper, you will also receive a brochure from Cloud4Wi, which will immediately give you all the information you need to know about this solution.

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