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Dynamics 365 For Talent

Attract and hire the right people faster and keep them happy within your organisation.

Savings are often made on HR, so working efficiently is the message! But the War for Talent is raging more than ever. Talent is an all-in recruitment management system for your HR team, fully integrated with your organisation.

Find the right people quickly through integration with LinkedIn
Save work by streamlining onboarding calls
Manage candidates and employees in one portal and gain insights
A transparent experience, both for HR employees and personnel

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Attract: the right candidates

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Connect effortlessly to the world's largest talent market.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) gives you seamless access to information about your recruitment team and allows you to manage candidate projects more effectively.

Manage all vacancies and candidates in one central place. Highlight and track promising candidates by following talent pools.

Monitor the recruitment process and benefit from a good understanding of the skills and competencies of candidates and the feedback from job interviews.

Consolidated candidate profiles are always up to date with opt-in options for LinkedIn and Office 365.

Give recruiters and recruitment managers the opportunity to screen and select candidates with skills, personality and attributes that fit in with the company's culture.

Thanks to intuitive dashboards, you get a good understanding of the qualities of candidates and the health of your recruitment process.

You get from everyone on the recruitment team independent feedback which is only visible to the recruitment manager. This way, partiality can't play a role. 

Built-in administrator-controlled security, bulk processing, and templates ensure that the right information and methods are enforced. You can effortlessly personalize and expand the solution.

A handy portal provides support for every step of the way - from the first contact to the job interview to entry into service and beyond.

Simplify interviews: Comprehensive integration with Office 365 lets you automate interview scheduling. Skype integration lets you speak to talent from all over the world.

Increase the accuracy and speed of your selection of candidates.

With configurable workflows, templates and approval processes, you can be sure that managers, recruiters and HR specialists are working together efficiently to create an attractive offering.

Onboard: streamlined process

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Dynamics 365 For Talent onboarding processNew employees often have to give notice first.

Now you can make use of this by sending automated documentation so that the new employee can get to know your company better.

You can also let him or her choose tools (such as type of laptop, software, options car, preferences chair, screen or desk…) so that he or she can start working immediately on day one.

Make new employees feel welcome and streamline the paperwork.

Step-by-step checklists to complete administrative tasks such as background checks and filling in tax and bank information forms in a timely manner allow you to focus on a good first day at work.

Team members can contribute documentation and tasks so that starters have everything they need to start up efficiently.

One central location for company details, contact details, training resources, organization charts, tips....

Create templates for interacting with different roles.

Create opportunities for feedback to continuously improve the induction experience and drive transformative business results.

You decide who gets to see what. 

Feedback will be central for your HR colleagues and if desired also for the new employee. 

This way, everyone is kept informed of vital information.

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Insights thanks to Power-BI & our extensive expertise

If you configure Dynamics 365 for Talent correctly, a wealth of information and insights will emerge. Visual dashboards that show vital information, so count on our expertise and years of experience to set up Talent and Dynamics 365 for you.

Your databases contain a wealth of information. Every employee can set up his or her own dashboard in which he or she gets to see exactly what's relevantLeave, oPipelines & certificates, dTargets, tbarges, gtalks…

Get global insights into sick leave, remuneration, leave… thanks to Power BI You can count on our advice and many years of experience to do this. We also use these tools for our HR and Staffing service as well as for many customers.

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Dynamics 365 add-ons

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be
VanRoey.be is Certified for Dynamics NAV

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for Real Estate

Covers the entire load for project developers: from feasibility study to invoicing, project calculations, feasibility calculations, budgets, quota calculation, follow-up of progress reports & invoicing according to the Breyne Act.

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Construction & Installation

A practical solution for construction and installation companies that supports you in all administrative and logistical matters. Developed by and with specialists from the sector to fully meet your needs.

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Dynamics 365 For Talent

Optimizes and streamlines your recruitment process, the first months of work and the retention policy. Lightens your HR administration and ensures that team leads can take work off HR hands, resulting in happy employees!

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Business Central

Connect finance, sales, service and operations. Automate & secure your supply chain so you sell smarter, with improved customer service and keep projects on track/with budget! All this within one solution.

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Project Service Automation

Get the most out of your projects: Predict project profitability, optimize your resources and manage projects with confidence. Your service professionals can deliver their work using intuitive and collaborative tools.

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for Sales

Increase vendor productivity with seamless tools and promote the right relationships with CRM. Intelligent sales processes that guide vendors to optimal results. Sales smarter with insights and reasoned customer contacts.

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Dynamics 365
For Field Service

Innovate in your service experience, on the one hand by proactively detecting and solving problems so that a technician is sent only when needed, and on the other hand by providing customers with self-service portals, proactive updates and technician tracking.

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Dynamics 365
For Marketing

Turn unknown visitors into known leads, hot prospects and everything in between in this all-in-one marketing automation solution. Conduct well thought-out multi-channel remarketing campaigns to attract and keep leads.

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Customer Service

Earn loyalty with personal customer service. Use virtual assistant bots to help customers quickly and efficiently. Improve service experiences through feedback on direct surveys, discussion forums and social listening.

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