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VanGroei: Business Skills 4 Life - Feeding your resilient future!
1 December 2018 until 29 February 2020

In a rapidly changing business such as IT, we sometimes forget to focus on the day-to-day concerns of our colleagues.

Together with the implementation of our new tools, which will reduce a lot of stress for our people, we are experiencing the need to refine digital competencies of vital importance in our society. In order to answer questions coming from our sales people to our technical staff, we need to arm them against what is to come and give them a resilient future in order to grow along with our company.

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ESF contribution: €10,976
Contribution from VCF: €16,464

Overview of training courses:

  • Giving and receiving compliments and feedback
  • Convincingly present and your elevator pitch by using the 'sticky factor'.
  • Towards a resilient life with focus and mental rest. High time to get rid of the hustle and bustle (5 parts)
  • Selection interviews for non-HR employees
  • Change & Management
  • Social Selling
  • CRM
  • Train the trainer
  • Professional e-mail communication
  • Do IT Safe

Target: To let employees work for us in good health and happiness for so long.
Result: Employees who are both resilient and have mastered the business skills of 2020 and beyond!

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