Cybersecurity in the construction sector in 2021

Training program in collaboration with Syntra Vlaanderen & Confederatie Bouw

Many companies do not realise that our new way of working requires extra attention to data and infrastructure security. Is cybersecurity a far cry from your bedside manner? Don't know how to start securing your company and data? And are you looking for some points of reference on which you can start working without having to make a large investment? Then the programme "Cybersecurity in the construction sector" is for you!

  Agency for Entrepreneurship Training Syntra Flanders


  • Session 1: Why is cybersecurity important in any business?
  • Session 2: Layered security for your organization.
  • Session 3: Strengthen the weakest link.
  • Session 4Lessons learned + first steps for implementation plan.

(!) Please note: depending on the region where you are following the programme, the sessions will take place at different times.


This event is especially interesting for:
  • Managers of SMEs
  • IT managers of SMEs

In short, for those who want to draw up a plan of approach for internal use or as a guideline for cooperation with their supplier.

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