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Cyber attacks such as these on weaving machine manufacturer Picanol and the Atlas College in Genk have made many CEOs and CIOs fear the same thing. Certainty not to be affected is something you never have. Cybersecurity should therefore not be a one-off project.
Continuous anticipation and investment is needed to keep hackers at bay, and where do you get more inspiration for this than at the largest IT security fair in Belgium?


The fair has been moved to 9 & 10 September.

What if...?

You come to the office after a difficult morning rush and it turns out that all PC's and servers are infected with Ransomware? It is currently the fear of many CEO's and CIO's. Somewhere, too: because 100% can never reassure you. Prevention and continuous investment is therefore crucial to keep hackers at bay.

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Visit our demolabs

Security Awareness

LAB 1 ± 30 min

  • How do I protect my users from the constant threat of phishing, ransomware and social hacking? Teach them to see the risks and recognize the signals.

Fortinet Security Fabric

LAB 2 ± 45 min

  • Fortinet's greatest asset is undoubtedly the Fortinet Security Fabric, which gives other technology partners the opportunity to integrate their products and solutions into this open platform. As Fortinet EMEA Growth Partner of the Year, we are ideally placed to explain this ecosystem.

Microsoft Security

LAB 3 ± 45 min

  • How can users safely use the most modern tools such as Office 365 without compromising the user experience?

Networking Security

LAB 4 ± 45 min

  • Secure your company network by automating access policies, without losing insight and control. This prevents people from abusing loose UTP cables, for example. Based on role and device permissions can be assigned.

Why you must have visited our booth?

Provided you register in advance, we will provide you with a VIP access ticket.
We show you the latest security solutions in real time.

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We will be at the fair in 2021 to inform you. The demolabs always run in sessions from 10 to 11h, 11 to 12h, 14 to 15h and 15 to 16h.

Meet our specialists

Hans Van Ballaer
Network Solution Architect

Joined in 2007 as a Network Solution Architect, with a focus on Functional Analysis, On-site implementation and Presales, his passion makes him a true Networking Expert. He is one of the few people in the world with the ‘Certified Wireless Network Experts (CWNE)‘ certificate!

Roel Van Looy
Technical Business Manager Networking & Security at

Roel has been working at since 2004 and as a security evangelist he is able to bring very complex matter to the market in a very clear way. He has more than 15 years of experience in countless complex environments and numerous certificates that support his knowledge. A heartfelt conversation with him is worth its weight in gold.


This event is especially interesting for:
  • The CEO and/or CIO
  • Head of Securitythe DPO
  • Security Engineers

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As a Fortinet Platinum Partner, is the right place for you to be advised and supported about the rock-solid Fortinet Security Fabric.
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