Microsoft Licensing: the forest and the trees

Find out in less than an hour if your Microsoft licenses are still up-to-date

Open Value, Business Standard vs Business Premium, E3 vs E5, Office 365 vs Microsoft 365, ... can you still see the trees for the forest?

Proper software licensing is important. Besides the legal aspect, there are also the savings that can be made by providing every employee with the correct license.

During a Teams session, we bring you up to date:

Free online session
We tell you the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365
Show you the underlying license structure
From Business Basic to Premium, from Office 365 E1 to E5: we cover it all!
Sufficient time for personal questions (Q&A)

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10u00 Welcome & Introduction
10u05 Office 365 vs Microsoft 365
By Yves Kerwyn, Microsoft Ambassador
10u25 Office & Microsoft 365 Licensing: the forest and the trees
By Yves Kerwyn, Microsoft Ambassador
10u50 Q&A


This event is especially interesting for:
  • CEOs’s
  • IT Managers
  • CIOs
  • System administrators
  • CFOs

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