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Now that working remotely is the most normal thing in the world, as an entrepreneur you need to invest in the right underlying technologies. In our Experience Center we show you how you can work together as simply as possible, efficiently and safely. This to further digitalize your company, optimize processes and transform products.

As a healthy mix between office and home office becomes the norm, it is important that this new way of working is has no impact on efficiency or online safety of your employees. But as an entrepreneur, how do you know which technologies to deploy?

In our renovated Experience Center we will show you and your colleagues how Microsoft, VanRoey.be and other technology partners can help you achieve this. We deal with current challenges such as:

How do I turn my meeting rooms into hybrid meeting rooms?
What does it take to calling in Microsoft Teams? Both internal and external?
How to give homeworkers The same efficient and safe workplace?
Which (repetitive) tasks we can digitize in order to optimize processes?
How can I make Sales and Marketing work together more efficiently in order to ultimately generate more leads?

To give everyone the chance to be on September 16 coronaproof our revamped Experience Center, we offer 3 time slots You can register for the following days: morning (9.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.), afternoon (1.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.) or evening (5.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.).


For events we follow the guidelines set by the government. Therefore you will be asked to show your CovidSafeBE app at the reception.



09u30 Reception & welcoming
10u00 Introduction: 'The importance of Customer Experience in the post Corona era'.
By Karin Versmissen, Sales & Marketing Director at VanRoey.be
10u20 Tour of the renovated Experience Center
Supervised by Tom Hufkens, Marketing Manager at VanRoey.be + presence of various Product SpecialistsThe following topics will be discussed during our tour: 
11u30 Closing network moment
With food truck on the parking lot



Karin Versmissen
Sales & Marketing Director at VanRoey.be

Karin has been a familiar face at VanRoey.be for years. Appointed HR Director in 2010, she has been the new Sales & Marketing Director since 2020. She is also active as a Coach & Business partner at NeXTeps.

Tom Hufkens
Marketing Manager

He started his career at VanRoey.be in 2008, first as a Retail Manager for many years and then made the switch to marketing a few years ago.


This event is especially interesting for:
  • Decision-makers (C-Level)
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their traditional business thanks to technological innovations

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Come and experience the latest technologies to support your employees, better serve your customers and optimize your business or products!
In a world where physical and digital collaboration and/or meetings are becoming increasingly important, a uniform system is of vital importance
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