This is how you get your employee to go on your train

Tips & tricks to make the change in your company successful

Every month there is a change that needs to be introduced to increase the performance of your company. For example, a different way of working or the use of new ICT tools. Getting your employees to jump on the bandwagon of these changes is quite a challenge.

Getting employees to embrace change is quite a challenge, but necessary! After all, it is through their adoption of these new processes, in the use of the new tools, ... that you achieve success.

Come with your questions about this topic to our Experience Center in Geel and after a few fascinating hours you will go home with an answer from like-minded people. An answer from practice that you can put to work immediately.

Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory. View here the other Corona guidelines.


16u00 Reception with sandwiches & introduction
16u30 Start of session: Centralization questions you have about Change Management
17u00 Plenary session: Tips & Tricks to make the change in your company a success
17u30 In small groups: Knowledge sharing around one question, with plenary feedback
19u00 End of networking evening

Your hostess

Karin Versmissen
Sales & Marketing Director at

Karin has been a familiar face at for years. Appointed HR Director in 2010, she has been the new Sales & Marketing Director since 2020. She is also active as a Coach & Business partner at NeXTeps.


This event is especially interesting for:
  • Managers
  • ICT Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Other executives
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