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From Intern to Consultant Modern Workplace: The Story of Colleague Milan

Hybrid working is here to stay and that requires a fully digitally integrated system. Microsoft 365 is known for this. The 'Modern Workplace' department at VanRoey.be is responsible for the implementation of Microsoft tools like SharePoint Online or Microsoft Teams. As a Technical Consultant in the SharePoint Team, colleague Milan Holemans specializes in optimizing business processes. We asked him about his background and how he fills his days as a consultant at VanRoey.be.


TI-84+ "In high school, I studied Sciences Mathematics. As a final project we had to program a 'TI 84+' - that's a portable graphing calculator. I've always been a computer geek so I don't have to tell you that the project was right up my alley. Partly because of this project, I no longer doubted my choice of study and went for Applied Computer Science. At the Thomas More University College I laid my theoretical foundation. At VanRoey.be I gained my first practical experience during my internship as a .NET Developer."

From intern to permanent contract

Milan started in 2019 as intern .NET Developer. Among other things, he helped develop SenZYX. A sensor with accompanying application for people with back pain. "The job description was very broad, which gave me a lot of opportunity to learn new things. The purpose of this sensor was to allow people with back problems to do exercises on a regular basis and to give them insight into their posture. I learned at least as much in these few weeks as I did in school, I think."

Since there was no vacancies for .NET Developers at VanRoey.be, Milan got a job offer at the SharePoint Team. "I was hesitant for a while because I had no experience with SharePoint Online. So during the summer vacations I started working for that team as a job student. This way I could already get acquainted with possible future colleagues and with the technology."

With success! A pleasant atmosphere complemented by sufficient technical challenges made Milan choose to join the SharePoint Team at VanRoey.be. "Originally I was mainly interested in the back end of SharePoint, setting up the underlying structure. Nowadays I find the variation with front-end design also very interesting."

An average working day

Microsoft SharePoint | Vanroey.beSo what does a typical workday as a Technical Consultant look like? "We start daily with a stand-up meeting. We discuss within the team who has done what, but also who will take on which tasks. Our team consists of Functional and Technical Consultants. So I have a technical role, which means I work more behind the scenes. Functional Consultants visit customers and check exactly what the customer needs. Occasionally I go along on these customer visits. Mainly in function of the look & feel of, for example, a customer or supplier portal."

"The common thread throughout my working day is optimizing and automating processes at our customers. If this involves features that are not standard within SharePoint Online, we talk about customization and I take action."

Looking forward to the move

Just like all the employees of VanRoey.be, Milan is also delighted with the move to the Kempus, the brand new office. "VanRoey.be is an innovative company where collegiality is paramount. I already noticed that during my internship; colleagues are always willing to help each other out when necessary. Finally, I also like to emphasize the informal atmosphere at the company. For example, every last Friday of the month we have a 'Life@VanRoey' event. We stop work at 16:00 to have a drink together. You really notice then that all the different departments form one unit."

Are you, like Milan, passionate about technology & are you looking for a challenging job full of technical tasks? Then take a look at the vacancies or apply using the form below:

"The common thread throughout my working day is the automation of processes at our customers. If this involves features that are not standard within SharePoint Online, we talk about customization and I take action"

On 26 Oct, we will dive deeper into the world of digitalisation and how it can transform your organisation. Among other things, you will get an exclusive preview of Microsoft's AI tool 'Copilot', trends in ERP, CRM & Marketing Automation & Voka will show us its new office in Mechelen!

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