Hybrid IT

The datacenter is the most vital part of your ICT infrastructure.
Any malfunction, however small, has a major impact on the functioning and continuity of your organisation. Given the exponential increase and employability of your data, the datacenter becomes even more important. Where we used to talk of gigabytes, todays’ standards are terabytes and even Peta bytes…

Is your infrastructure ready for the challenges and opportunities it presents?

Downtime = Loss of revenue

Regardless of the sector in which you are active, unexpected downtime will cause loss of revenue. Updates & upgrades should therefore be performed with the utmost care & at the right time.

On Premise, Cloud or Hybrid?

Drawing up the architecture for your data-center is a specialist's work. Our experts will help you choose the right methodology depending on your needs and requirements.

Big Data

Do you leave your data to waste or do you choose to work with it? Machine Learning and artificial Intelligence are capable of recognizing complex patterns in data, optimizing processes and creating new opportunities.

Security & Compliance

A data breach is just about the worst thing that can happen to a company. Besides reputational damage, you risk giving valuable information to your competitors. And as if that were not enough, the GDPR legislation also has promises huge fines.


Your Hybrid IT Specialist

Completely migrating your data and applications to the cloud is not always the best option in terms of performance and cost. <b>A hybrid intermediate form usually is. The Gold partnership with both Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise makes VanRoey.be the ideal Hybrid it partner to draw the design of your datacenter.</b>

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HPE Hybrid IT

in recent years, the product portfolio at Hewlett Packard Enterprise has expanded a lot. Thanks to some strategically chosen acquisitions, the company has become the market leader in the field of data storage.

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HPE MSA HPE Nimble Storage HPE Simplivity HPE 3Par StoreServ


Nimble Storage


3PAR StoreServ

Type of use Entry-level / basic performance Focus on Manageability Focus on Manageability Focus on performance
Recommended Management VanRoey.be Own IT, no knowledge required Own IT, no knowledge required Own IT with storage knowledge
Scalability Scalable with downtime Scalable without downtime Scalable without downtime Scalable without downtime
Customer Installable Updates No Yes No No
Connection server(s) SAS, iSCSI or Fibre ISCSI or Fibre NA (Hyper-converged) iSCSI or Fibre
integration capabilities:

VMware vSphere









Replication Asynchronous Asynchronous Synchronous Asynchronous + Synchronous
Deduplication / Possible
(1.5:1 guaranteed)
(2.5:1 guaranteed)
(2:1 guaranteed)
Analysis & Reporting / HPE InfoSight VMware vCenter HPE InfoSight
Extra Support by HPE None Incl. automated, remote & onsite support Optional Remote & onsite support Incl. Automated, remote & onsite support
Highlights Fine for smaller organizations with no own IT department that have enough to accommodate 2 servers. Automated Asynchronous replication. Deduplication possible. Standard 3 year warranty with highly specialized support. Focus on deduplication: average 50TB on 1TB storage up to even 100TB/1TB (!). All-In-one: go from 8U to 2U in your server rack. Recommended for multiple locations. Focus on storage and extreme scalability. Fibre Channel in strongest sense! exceptionally good support (Automated remote + onsite)
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VanRoey.be | HPE Gold Partner

We are happy to help you make

the right choice of

Data Storage HPE

In recent years, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise product portfolio has been fiercely expanded. Thanks to some strategically chosen acquisitions, the company has become the market leader in the field of data storage.

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The power of AI & predictive Analytics

Only by avoiding technical problems can you achieve maximum uptime. HPE InfoSight detects 86% of the problems before they happen: the power of predictive Analytics and artificial Intelligence!

How? Data from thousands of servers are analyzed in the portal. By submitting these data to artificial intelligence, InfoSight will be able to make recommendations regarding your resources (e.g. hard disk, memory or processor). And the more customers use this tool, the more accurate it will work.

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  • De whitepaper: "From Dated to Digital: Transform Customer Experience"

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