Patrick Van Roey

"With this smart office building -penetrated with ecology & technology-
we offer the most attractive workplace in Belgium".
Pat Van Roey

Energy neutral

Both cooling and heating are provided by geothermal energy. Solar panels provide us with power, solar control glass keeps the space livable at all times. Kempus is built to be self-sufficient. 

Favourable location

Optimize your commute. Kempus is located near the E-34, on the edge of the city ring road. Parking is easy and there are plenty of shops nearby. The public transport connections are ideal.

healthy environment

Occupants enjoy continuous air circulation in every room. No more stale office air and the spread of germs. This is how we work safely and reduce absenteeism. Each floor also has an enormous balcony.

High-Technology Emission-neutral rooftop restaurant Work life balance breathtaking view intelligent Modern workplace secure Prime location Good accessibility accessible Easy parking

inspiration all around

Enjoy a panoramic view. The west side looks out onto greenery and more greenery, the east side looks over the centre of Turnhout. Each side of the building is dominated by large areas of glass.

Be inspired on the rooftop terrace

A healthy dinner together in the open air with a view over Turnhout or the Kempen countryside. The ideas come naturally.

Meetings in style

Technology is at its best when it brings people together. Kempus is steeped in Modern Workplace innovation to encourage collaboration.

Creative environment

Light everywhere, open space, optimal acoustics, silence and cosiness. 

Healthy people = happy people = happy customers

Kempus is designed with the ideal work/life balance in mind.

Healthy environment

Lots of light, healthy food, good acoustics, optimal ventilation, green surroundings... All contribute to your health.

Reception of children

No babysitting? No problem. Forget about the chaos of crèches or after-school care. Childcare is provided.

Green in the neighbourhood

Put on your hiking or walking shoes. At Stoktsedriesen you can take a break in nature. Ideal for unwinding.


Who says office jobs are unhealthy? You have a gym. Challenge yourself and colleagues and prevent illness.

Everyone is welcome

All rooms and floors are easy to access, and restrooms are equipped for people with disabilities.

Love goes through the stomach

The shared restaurant on the 8th floor brings all organizations together and serves healthy food.

We aim for cross-fertilization to optimize knowledge sharing and cooperation.

Patrick Van Roey

"Kempus is the epitome of a modern workplace. Every cm² breathes technology. Visible & invisible, it brings people together and stimulates innovation."
Pat Van Roey

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This high-end office building is currently under construction and will be occupied in early 2022. Do you work for an innovative organisation that is looking for the perfect environment? Do not hesitate and ask for more information about rates, possibilities and availability below. Attention: gone = gone! You can fill out the form below or mail to 

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