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B&R Bouwgroep found the reliable ICT partner they were looking for in VanRoey.be

In order to review the core networking infrastructure and the entire networking concept, B&R Bouwgroep relies on the expertise of VanRoey.be in Ruckus Networks and Managed IT Services.
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Outdated core networking infrastructure

B&R Construction Group had some specific challenges in terms of networking. The in-house ICT team - with its considerable expertise and know-how - made a conscious decision to look for a reliable partner.

Kristof Bolckmans, ICT Operations Manager B&R Bouwgroep: "Our core networking infrastructure was coming of age and the entire networking concept needed to be reconsidered. Of course there are plenty of quality solutions available, but the primary focus for us was on the partner itself. Thorough knowledge, easy accessibility and a no-nonsense approach were the main requirements.

The ICT team at B&R Bouwgroep knows very well that a network infrastructure lives and has to be maintained. In addition to a renewal of the core network, in this project also managed services defined, a health care that must ensure that the network is examined and kept healthy on a very regular basis.

Ruckus + Managed Services = worry-free

Ruckus Partner EliteRuckus was known to the ICT staff at B&R Bouwgroep, but they had no experience with it. As is so often the case, a renewal of the core business lies in the hands of the customer. network infrastructure rather sensitive. The go-live has to be flawless. The specific set-up of the two data centres hosted by B&R Bouwgroep is tailor-made and nothing can go wrong with it. And once the network is up and running again, the new hardware has to prove its reliability. You can understand that Kristof and his team first wanted to get acquainted with the Ruckus solutions and the approach of VanRoey.be.

Kristof: "Initially, we were a bit hesitant about Ruckus. Unknown is unloved, you know. But VanRoey.be, with facts-and-figures and ready-made demos, answered all our technical questions and introduced us to the interface. We were quickly convinced of Ruckus' quality and - more importantly for us - quickly found out VanRoey.be's in-depth expertise and hands-on way of working. The concept that was presented was immediately on-point. They had captured our needs very well.

The go-live was well prepared and went smoothly outside office hours. With Managed Services on this networking solution, B&R Bouwgroep is assured of a high-performance and up-to-date network infrastructure. The daily management is in the hands of their own internal ICT staff. They can count on VanRoey.be for third-line support. The monthly health checks and frequent updates are also done by VanRoey.be. A clear SLA forms the basis for this transparent collaboration that takes away a lot of ICT worries from B&R Bouwroep.

Central role of the VanRoey.be project manager

Kristof wants to emphasize that the collaboration goes very well: "The role of the VanRoey.be project manager is crucial. He takes care of all communication. He directs the engineers, who in turn know exactly what needs to be done. The mutual communication is very focused. Everyone knows their role perfectly. The entire team is well attuned to each other and the project manager proactively takes over the management. In this way, actions are quickly taken up.

B&R Bouwgroep found what they were looking for at VanRoey.be: a reliable partner, with far-reaching expertise. The Ruckus networking infrastructure has proven its quality with flying colours and also appears to have a surprisingly attractive price tag. The Managed Services complete this solution.

About B&R Construction Group

B&R Construction Group is a multidisciplinary group, headquartered in Arendonk. With already 25 subsidiaries, B&R unites a very broad know-how in construction, ranging from development to contracting, production and finishing.

B&R achieves sustainable growth by focusing on excellent customer relations, a pleasant working environment, knowledge and quality. B&R is able to retain this knowledge and quality through its subsidiaries and partnerships, such as VanRoey.be.

"We were quickly convinced of the quality of Ruckus and - what was even more important for us - quickly found out about VanRoey.be's in-depth expertise and hands-on way of working. The concept they presented was immediately on-point. They had captured our needs very well."
Kristof Bolckmans
ICT Operations Manager
Kristof Bolckmans - B&R Bouwgroup | VanRoey.be

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