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We assist your IT department

Managed Services concerns the full or partial outsourcing of the maintenance & management of your environment, with contractual quality guarantees, so you can be helped within 1 or 4 hours.

Improve your uptime & security dramatically
We keep your ICT in top condition: safe, healthy and under strict control.
Our team of +150 certified specialists is at your service 24/7
We support your IT service and think strategically


It would make you less gray:

Tasks of a generalist ITer

Does this sound like music to your ears?

+150 specialists as your new right hand

Sleep soundly thanks to proactive monitoring

No more nerve-racking bandwork

Always in consultation with you!

24/7 Real-time Monitoring

Your infrastructure exposes a lot of data: cpu load, firmware updates, security issues, defective sectors, temperature guarantee status... Impossible to follow up manually.

A hard drive has often reported for days that it is in danger of failure, so failure can be perfectly prevented thanks to timely alerts and guaranteed follow-up.

In this way we maximize uptime and necessary patches are executed automatically.

View here how it works

Monthly reporting

We map out your surroundings and go over all the actions you have taken. On a regular basis you will also receive a Health-check which also analyses the status of warranties, licenses, updates, load, backups... allowing us to take preventive actions.

Quickly helped thanks to Netpath

When Teams or Excel of a colleague does not start, where is the error? The first reflex can be: troubleshooting on his or her PC, possibly reinstalling Office. Later we will look further: Maybe it is a firewall configuration, an error in the switch... or is the issue with the servers of Azure at Microsoft itself?

We analyse the entire process, from client to source, and thus detect more quickly where troubleshooting needs to take place, saving you a lot of time and deploying the right people immediately.

Everyone wins when the chance of malfunctions & hacks decreases exponentially

Managed Services is a lever for you. You and your IT team can prove your added value in strategic interventions. Let us guarantee safety, take on the stressful responsibility for uptime, and do unpleasant jobs.

Find out more!

Managed Services Deepdive screenshotOur experts will be happy to explain our formulas and rates to you, as well as give you access to our webinar in which we (from minute 32.5) discuss part of the underlying technology.

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How do we proceed?

Phase 1

We analyze your current infrastructure and make an optimization proposal for your server park and licenses.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Improvement proposals resulting from this analysis will be implemented.

Phase 2

Phase 3

We put clear agreements on paper; who manages what and how support is provided.

Phase 3

Phase 4

We install the monitoring tool and activate patch management.

Phase 4

Phase 5

You will be assigned a team of experts who will know your organization through and through and follow it up. They will also visit you to discuss the service and propose new optimizations.

Phase 5
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Why VanRoey.be?

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

Managed Services involves a full or partial outsourcing of the management of your environment in order to optimize operation and minimize downtime. Supplemented with hard guarantees on support in case of a failure.
With a Managed Service Provider, you purchase IT infrastructure and/or its management as a service for a fixed price per month. You have a whole team of certified experts who will assist, guide and advise you. This way you can focus on your core business.
Managed Services is more efficient than keeping everything under your own control. You can benefit from the latest technologies and proactive monitoring, keeping you ahead of the curve, and SLAs offer you certainty of support if something goes wrong.
No, Managed Services is different from IT outsourcing. It's more like outsourcing IT management. It's not like your servers need to be hosted with us.
Yes, you can. If some servers (e.g. of your ERP) are managed by other companies, we leave them untouched. You choose which servers or equipment you want to outsource the management of. Everything is clearly defined in a contract.
No(!) Our vision is that IT professionals are too valuable to perform updates and extinguish fires. With managed services, they get peace of mind, stability and time for important matters. Involve them in strategic projects (new CRM/ERP, user adoption of Office 365, Teams... more efficient management and analysis of data or optimisation of the park...). However, we ensure that the vital parts of the organisation continue to run safely.
Servers and equipment expose a lot of data - CPU utilization/server load - RAM usage - Storage use and faulty sectors - Temperature - Activity blowers - Network and data flows - Warranty period - Soft- and firmware versions/updates - Security information This is impossible to follow as a human being. A hard drive's been screaming for months, "I'm gonna fail! A CPU can be on 100% load for days, resulting in unsustainable temperatures. A firmware can contain a leak that has been patched into an update that has been ready for installation for a month... What do you do in case of an emergency with devices on which the warranty or support has expired? These are all problems that are perfectly preventable with the right insights thanks to A.I. and guaranteed follow-up. We keep our finger on the pulse.

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