Managed Services

Entrust the management of your ICT-infrastructure to

  • We’ll keep your environment healthy, safe and under tight surveillance
  • You can rely on our team of +100 certified specialists. 24/7
  • Use our strategic mindset contemplate the future of your organiastion

In short: Leave IT to the experts

Uw organisatie én gemoedsrust optimaliseren begint hier

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  • Het waarom + de voordelen van Managed Services (30 min)
  • De technologie achter Managed Services (30 min)
  • Patchmanagement in onze Managed Services contracten (20 min)


Wij zullen u de bestanden onmiddellijk toezenden.

Level 1 Specialist

These generalists usually have a very broad knowledge. They can usually solve most relatively simple or common issues and are most often found to be part of your current ICT staff.

Level 2 Specialist

When a relatively inexperienced generalist runs into issues he can’t fix, a Level 2 specialist enters the scene. With years of experience and a number of certificates on his name he can come over and look deeply into the matter and identify the cause of the issue. If he or she can’t solve the issue because it’s so specific/technical/complex, they’ll have to attend to the Level 3 specialist.

Level 3 Specialist

With many years of experience these experts distance themselves from the level 2 specialists by being maximally certified in certain solutions. This means they’ll know exactly what to do, immediately, no matter how complex the issue. Not only can they solve the most complex challenges, but they can also support you by providing insights and expertise in using the most high-end solutions. Ensuring you’ll use the often expensive solutions to their maximum capacities. | Managed Services

Your internal ICT manager

Just how dependent are you of his knowledge?

Being generalists, the knowledge of ICT employees is usually broad but rarely specialized in (new) high end solutions. ICT is getting more complex every day so continuous schooling is a must. On top of this he has little experience to apply to your environment.

Holidays, ilness, end of contract... You can not rely on him or her 24/7 and when he or she is unreachable, this centralized knowledge means extended downtime with no solution in sight.

As a FTE he has a high cost. Can he focus enough on strategic challenges or is he preoccupied solving endless small PC-related issues? Can you justify said cost? | Managed Services

Your external ICT service provider

Do they know your environment inside-out? Cant they handle issues fast enough?

External ICT service providers often lack profound knowledge of your environment, making it extra hard to solve sudden issues. (Where is this server located? What is the log-in, which cable goes where?...) Or they can make things worse by applying wrong actions by accident. (e.g. updating legacy software that wasn't supposed to get updated)

You usually pick up the phone and call when the problem is already doing its damage (which is too late), you rarely call to prevent it.

Without a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) both response time and costs will remain a mystery. | Managed Services

Your environment

Do you still have a good overview?

Do you know every device which has connected to your network? If you do, are they all secured with an anti-virus? Is all soft- en firmware patched and secured?

What about load? Ar your servers over performing... or under performing? Should you take (drastic) measurements or can we optimize and save on infrastructure...

Zijn alle licenties & garanties op orde of kan ook hier bespaard worden?

Hoe reëel is de kans op uitval of hacks? En indien dit voorkomt, kan u hier snel en gepast op reageren of is het eerder paniekvoetbal en hopen dat alles snel weer in orde is? | Managed Services

Your Organization

ICT is not your core business, you want to focus on other things

Most organizations consider ICT to be an unknown and unpredictable cost. And implement it without a clear strategy.

Are you susceptible to large-scale downtime or hacks? Many CEO's don't realize the potential and perhaps permanent damage this may inflict. It can ruin you financially and harm the trust with your clientele, never to be restored. Needless to say many organizations never fully recover after large scale hacks.

Even small persistent issues will cost you and your staff lots of valuable time. These invisible costs and frustrations are often unknown or neglected when considering the TCO of an ICT environment.

What are today’s major issues?

Your ICT employees or service providers, your environment and your organization will benefit from a structural solution to the, unpredictable costs, lack of knowledge & imminent risks

Managed Services offers many advantages for…

Uw organisatieYour organization

Transparant Agreement

Guaranteed (SLA) agreement in both provided services as rates

Savings & Optimization

through continuous checks on loads, licenses and warranties

Focus on Strategic Growth

and the forever more important part ICT plays

Uw omgevingYour Environment

Maximize Uptime

Impending issues are identified and tackled proactively

Better Security

through intelligent monitoring and automated patch-management throughout your environment

Documentation & Reports

iterate and improve your operations thanks to our periodical health-check

BeheerYour Management

Unprecedented Knowledge

Numerous certified (Level 3) specialists with endless amounts of experience are at your service, 24/7

Instant Service, Always

Never mind holidays or illnesses; our agreement guarantees you we’ll assist within 4 or even 1 hour.

Transparent Actions

Every intervention is discussed with you and extensively documented

Through clear documentation and sound training, my colleagues can continue to do further management and first line support themselves. But now we have peace of mind that if we do not know something ourselves, we can call on the specialists at at any time.

Torfs ShoesRaf De Leu, ICT Manager

Let the cobbler stick to his last. Even more so for ICT as it becomes more complex every day, our dependence is greater than ever and the external threats are massive. With Managed Services from we bought peace of mind as well as efficiency.

Be-Trans en Be-LogisticsBert Vranckx and Astrid Krieckemans also scores excellent points for project planning and thinking about the future. It is this dynamic and drive that we always look for in a partner, and continues to show superior results for our IT-related business.

Flanders MakeDirk Torfs, CEO


Managed Services Voorbeeldrapport

The monthly report maps out your environment and covers all actions taken.

In addition, you will receive a Health Check on a regular basis that also analyzes the status of guarantees, licenses, updates, loads, back-ups, etc. allowing us to take preventive measures.

Brouwerij Westrmalle Trappist geniet van Managed Services

Uitgeverij Pelckmans


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Flanders Make

Be-Trans Managed Services, lees de case study hier

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5 Reasons to go for Managed Services


Numerous certified level 1, 2 and 3 specialists at your disposal to support you with the most challenging IT puzzles and choices


Patches, updates, urgent interventions… Necessary actions are never postponed. This way can guarantee continuity of your operations


Avoid costly downtime, worms or data theft. Our cherry picked solutions cooperate perfectly. And by outsourcing most of you ICT management, you’ll save on staff… and paychecks.


Intelligent reports will document the status of your environment and which interventions took place. We’ll always discuss actions with you before they take place, so you’ll always stay in charge. Periodically our Service Manager will pass by to explain -in plain English- what happened and why.

 Security & Continuty

Security trumps all. Most hacks and downtime is prevented by simply patching on time and targeting issues proactively.


Altijd snel geholpen!

Guaranteed service within 1 or 4 hours! Numbers don’t lie. Clients with our SLA never waited longer than agreed upon. Quick actions in times of need are essential!

Today manages over 1.000 servers and we have many years of experience in hundreds of divers environments. When it matters most, this knowledge is priceless. Thanks to our maximized partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, HPE, HPE Aruba, Veeam, Fortinet… we can even provide manufacturer support if necessary.

Issues are handled proactively; running out of memory on a server? An overloaded  CPU? Storage reporting malfunctions or damaged sectors? Our intelligent software will automatically detect said issues and we’ll discuss the required action. (More info about this system can be found in our webinar (Dutch)) prevention is better than cure!

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