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Managed Application Services

The beating heart of your organisation in excellent shape

How do your employees experience a migration to 'Enterprise applications' such as ERP, CRM or SharePoint? Do they make full use of them or do they eventually go back to Excelletjes or Dropbox? Do the applications grow with your business? We come up with a new approach!

Make sure your investment is used optimally
Enjoy higher uptime thanks to monitoring and SLAs
End-users have their say and get extra support
We make sure that everyone gets and stays on board

A fundamentally strong project evolves seamlessly with your organisation
Nobody wants to migrate every 7 years and change the whole operations of the organization.




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Evolve with your application

Applications change - just like the market - very fast. Every update brings new functionality, optimizations, security and bug fixes. Staying on a +5 year old version puts the competition years ahead. It also makes a big upgrade or switch extra drastic… and costly.

We put your organisation in a constant flow of renewal. So you can always enjoy the latest features.

Make sure everyone's on board

It's not easy to get everyone on board with big changes. Not everyone has the adaptation abilities when it comes to change, and critical users can't go anywhere with valuable feedback or areas for improvement.

After many years of experience in change management and User Adoption we have the perfect formula developed to address these issues.

Less Tickets, Quick support

Our experts visit you on regular basis to follow-up on the project. You can also count on remote support within strictly followed SLAs and relieve your own IT department.

With monitoring of the servers, databases and the entire chain from cloud to PC; we can handle imminent issues before they happen.

for a fixed monthly fee you can enjoy

SLA 4h/8h*

Funct. consultant



*24/7 Support is an option, but only in combination with Managed IT ServicesThis is the only way to immediately know where the problem lies and to prevent us from sending a software engineer for what ultimately turns out to be a server issue.



IT Department

Why VanRoey.be?

We monitor the database and the server (CPU load, RAM, Storage...) on which your application runs. At impending problems we'll take pre-emptive action - in consultation with you - preventive in.

NetPath exposes the entire chain and detects issues: From Azure to your internet provider, from your server to your switch… to finally your PC, saving hours of troubleshooting!

Finally, you can count on us. As Microsoft Advanced Service Delivery Partner and Tier 1 Cloud Service Provider are guaranteed to get quick and adequate assistance considering licensing and support!

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

A unique agreement with Microsoft that guarantees that we can speak to a Level 3 specialist within the hour with unparalleled knowledge of Office 365, Dynamics 365... or with direct access to the servers in the Azure data centres where these applications run. This is a very expensive partnership in which we invest annually.
As one of the largest Cloud Service Providers in Belgium, we can switch to licenses without Microsoft's intervention. You get access to our cloud portal marketplace.vanroey.be, where you can -as soon as a new colleague starts or leaves- immediately grant or revoke licenses. This saves you a lot of time and costs of unused licenses. We have gained this trust from Microsoft.

Apply this approach in your organization?

VanRoey.be has over 25 years of experience in thousands of diverse environments. Take advantage of this knowledge for your upcoming project!

vat no.*

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We can assist you from start to finish with every ICT project, from a helicopter view on your ICT environment. Starting from and building on your growth strategy

and transparent

We work transparently. When you work with us, you know what you're getting into and what it's going to cost.

and reasoned

We see the big picture, but at the same time we have both feet on the ground. The right solutions, ready for the future.


Our people are experts in their field. Maximum certified for carefully selected quality brands.

For the
long run

We are at our best when we enter into a long-term relationship with you, so that we know your environment, are able to manage it properly, monitor it and prevent problems.


You can always count on professional advice or support from us. With the right agreement, we will even be there for you 24/7. Yes, this includes Christmas Eve!

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