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Managed Print Services

A single service agreement for all equipment, maintenance and stock means guaranteed continuity and drastic savings up to 40%!

Printing is an underestimated cost and often a source of frustration, and we don't even consider the risks of unsecured printers. With Managed Printing Services, we manage and monitor your print fleet for better insight. Toners, ink and parts are automatically delivered and security is assured.


Ever run out of ink?

No more thanks to automatic toner delivery and centralized notifications


How can you save up to 40%?

More efficient printing means less paper, less ink, less wear and tear


Who prints what... and how much?

Mapping out large consumers and identify exuberant consumption


Are your printers secure?

Network multifunctionals have the same components as PCs. You must secure them just the same.


  • We provide your print environments with automatic delivery of inks, toners & parts.
  • Consult status, consumption and more other insights in an online portal.
  • Never again too much or too little stock.

Save up to 40%

  • Go from time-consuming and complex to easy administration
  • A now unknown cost becomes predictable
  • Adjust abuse and avoid unnecessary consumption (e.g. standard black and white and duplex...)
  • Administrative ordering and invoicing inconvenience becomes a single monthly all-in-one invoice
  • Too much / too little ink and tonerstock is becoming a thing of the past
  • Expensive ad hoc service becomes a all-in-service contract
  • No longer pay per page

We use two billing models

 Invoicing per toner
 Level Pay (fixed monthly amount)

Efficiency through better insight

Our specialists will help you analyse these reports and - where possible - reduce your total printing costs.

  • What are the costs per printer, per department, per person...?
  • Is the right printer At the right place? (Does the warehouse need a colour printer?)
  • Are people printing double-sided enough?
  • Which devices are being used most often?
  • Reports can always be consulted in a online portal
  • Our specialists will help you with the analysis in order to make the most of your park. keep on optimizing

No longer expose company information

Printers contain the same components as a PC and are connected to your network, yet they are rarely secured...

  • Built-in security measures such as HP Surestart prevent malware in the devices
  • Active Directory Log-in and biometric security prevent unauthorised access
  • Avoid uncollected prints (exposing sensitive business information) with PaperCut or HP Access Control, by not starting printing until the person logs on to the device. Studies have shown that employees are so much more cautious with their prints.

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

Managed Printservices benefit you from a single printer! The security, the costs, the insights in use... So you don't have to have a large fleet of printers. Of course, it becomes even more interesting when multiple devices are included.
Not only is there less printing with Papercut, which saves you a lot, but it's especially interesting to comply with GDPR legislation. Confidential prints are printed as soon as the person enters the device. Before, a printout was made remotely and forgotten... As a result of which pay slips or contracts were open and naked for every passer-by to see.
These inkjet printers have no moving print heads. The print head is as wide as the page and can therefore print much faster and will print or wear less quickly.
The HP Platinum Partnership makes us the only partner who can sell 'managed printers' that are even cheaper to use. We can also help with a well-considered implementation of Office 365, Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics NAV, Azure solutions and EMS. In addition, we make sure that everyone is involved thanks to proven change management systems.
You only install one device: the 'Follow me print'. Prints are placed in a personal queue on the server. When you arrive at any printer in the organization, you can log on to the device and choose which prints you want to actually print at that moment. This avoids a jumble of drivers, uncollected documents and superfluous prints.

You want to reduce the cost of your print park?

Through an extensive conversation and a possible Print Audit we map out your total print fleet and make recommendations to optimise its operation and reduce costs.

 What is the ratio of monochrome to colour? A3 & A4?
 Are people printing enough on both sides of the paper?
 Do you have the right printers in the right place?
 Do printers need to be replaced (which are too expensive to use)?

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