Security Audit:

Are you safe, or is the door wide open?

Security Audit:

Are you safe, or is the door wide open?

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A matter of time

307 new cyber threats are discovered worldwide every 5 minutes. That’s more than 5 per second. We are often not even aware of this threat, and if we are, we do not respond appropriately. For example, think of the Cryptolockers; every day new stubborn variants emerge and companies are literally taken hostage. Your organisation may even have been affected without you realizing it. 

You are a target

According to the Federation of Belgian Enterprises, cyber security is one of the most important challenges for companies. And it is increasingly the case for smaller organisations as well. This is due to the boundlessness of the internet, as well with the exponential growth of cybercrime. Cybercriminals are becoming better organised. At the request of a competitor, they are happy to attack to your website. And it doesn’t cost much to do it.

Our Security Audit will expose your weak points.

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Our Security offer is all-inclusive and focuses on user-friendliness, supporting staff and management’s requirements.

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Is your company an easy target?

Have you prepared yourself sufficiently for a cyber incident?

Optimise your business via our audit

A risk analysis of your IT systems provides answers to these questions and makes security a component of your architecture and strategy. An audit provides you with insight into the weaknesses of your environment and allows you to set up, manage and adjust a specific policy. Knowledge is power, which allows you to take corrective actions on time. Going from behind the curve to proactive IT management.

Your ICT environment undergoes an automated screening. A employee comes to your site and uses our scanner to track down vulnerabilities in your network, software or infrastructure. For example, blind spots that a hacker can remotely exploit to access your data or system, bad passwords, missing patches, etc.

Our security experts analyse the technical results of this earlier screening and translate them into a clear and strategically applicable security report with suggestions for improvement. This report is discussed with you personally.

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