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Prevent data leaks with 'User Entity Behavior Analytics', driven by Artificial Intelligence

To clarify the strength and operation of Exabeam, we start with an example: HR employee "Sophie" is about to leave the company. She wants to take the customer database with her to use at your competitor.


She logs on with her laptop in the domain and starts her CRM application to download the customer database, which is recorded in the Active Directory log file and the CRM server.



She tries to move the large file to a USB stick, but IT blocks this method via the antivirus. This was also recorded in a log file.



Sofie realizes she can lock out her file via Dropbox. A few minutes later, the Fortigate firewall an alarm that a large file is uploaded via file sharing software.



Finally, she also starts the ERP software to export financial information of customers. This is also logged somewhere and then a large file is sent to her Dropbox again.


Despite the fact that this environment is well secured and several systems have indeed detected this unusual behavior, Sophie can step outside with sensitive information without getting alarmed.

Exabeam exposes these kinds of threats and intervenes in time!

What is User Entity Behavior Analytics?

Exabeam goes beyond classic SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solutions. By analysing big data from all kinds of sources, the platform gets to know your users and environment and uses machine learning to recognise risks. By means of grading, users with deviant behaviour are assessed and visible in the portal. Potential data breaches are thus detected and prevented at a very early stage.


Collection of logs of existing hardware and/or Cloud Services.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyses big data in real-time.


Machine Learning creates algorithms that exposes suspicious behaviour.

Integration Public & Private Cloud

Detecting the correlation in a large amount of data, that is the power of Exabeam.

Logs of local infrastructure, such as servers, clients, firewall, switches, mail, print and file servers can be read effortlessly, as well as links to cloud services such as SalesForce, Office 365, Azure, Dropbox, Google or Amazon.

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