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Why every organisation can benefit from using SMS-Passcode

Case Sint-Franciscus Hospital

We implemented SMS-Passcode to secure the sensitive patient data

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Did you read that Russian hackers have managed to retrieve more than 1.3 billion passwords? More than 75% of the breaches of corporate networks occur via the stolen identities of users. Do you feel like you have been compromised? Or do you think that only large companies are being attacked? Make no mistake. 31% of cyber attacks are aimed at SMEs with fewer than 250 employees. These cases rarely make the news though.

Securing your company with firewalls and antivirus software remains crucial. But if your passwords are up for grabs, the front door of your company – despite these investments – remains wide open. SMS-Passcode is a user-friendly solution that understands the behaviour of your users and requires simple extra identification by SMS when, for example, they try to log in from another location.

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