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Security strategie:

Layers of success!

Layered security vanroey

Why choose our layered approach?

a Managed ICT environment & Securitygo hand in hand. Hackers often abuse vulnerabilities. Is all the deployed software up to date on all equipment? Or to ask an even deeper question: is the firmware of your servers, routers, access points, switches, etc. up to date? Have the right ports been closed? Are there any known “Zero-day” exploits that have not yet been closed? etc.

These are questions that require enormous amounts of expertise and insight to answer. Every day, many SMEs and very large organisations trust our expertise to avoid viruses, cryptolockers and other malware. This allows them to concentrate fully on their core business.

Your organisation is a target, and getting in is easier than you could ever imagine. With layered security, we minimise the risk of data theft. In his blog, our Security expert and Technical Business Manager, Roel Van Looy explains why this approach is badly required.

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Security on your premises and in the cloud.

Today, our security solutions are migrating to the Cloud. is one of the first in the Belgian market to offer unrivalled (cloud) security.
Organisations often assume that a server in the cloud is, by definition, safe “because my cloud provider arranges that”. Yes, there is a high up-time guarantee, backup, redundancy and basic security, etc. But a virtual Windows Business Server can also be directly attacked or hacked. It is still the same server as the one you physically have in your office.

Grow with the flow

The Cloud is a great way to reduce ICT costs. You do not need to invest in server parks, maintenance, cooling, redundancy or maintenance. Moreover, cloud providers often employ a pay-as-you-grow and BYOL (Bring Your Own License) model in the cloud. You never pay twice; you never pay too much; and you do not have to depend on the cloud provider for your third-party (security) solutions.
Does your organisation require more or less capacity? Or does a user need more or less? Our cloud security solutions scale dynamically without giving you sleepless nights.

Focus on ease of use

“Your password must be changed every month and contain at least 12 characters, including a capital letter, small letters, a special character and at least 3 digits.” – Your IT manager.
And we all know one colleague who sticks their password to the computer monitor on a post-it note. You want to remain productive and not be bothered by numerous security obstacles. What is the use of a rock-solid security system if it is not used or it is used incorrectly due to it being too difficult? This is why we always make our solutions easy for end users.

Patch management

De meest vernietigende ransomware zoals Wannacry & Petya kan enkel voorkomen worden door àlle apparaten in het netwerk te patchen. Een heuse uitdaging: Meestal is zelfs niet geweten welke apparaten allemaal aangesloten zijn of dat bepaalde patches bestaan… En als zijn ze gekend zijn worden ze nog te vaak uitgesteld en blijft het risico. Onze Managed Services biedt een systeem dat patches voor zowel software als firmware automatisch meldt én updatet.

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