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ready-made and accessible ICT packages, tailored to the SME with less than 15 employees

You face the same challenges as large organisations, yet you don't have the luxury of having your own IT specialist. How do you guarantee?

Continuity of your organisation and its operations
Availability and security of your critical business data
An attractive working environment with modern tools for your team?

We manage your IT and ensure continuity and security

Get the most out of your PCs and employees by entrusting us with maintenance, updates, backup, security and so much more.

Essential security in a digital world

SMEs are the ideal target for hackers. They know that there is plenty to steal and that investments in security are low compared to larger companies. So don't get hacked!

Migrate server applications to the cloud

Avoid the expensive purchase (or upgrade) of a server, avoid maintenance and management. We make it easy for you and offer the apps you need in the cloud.

VanRoey.be has over 25 years of experience in thousands of extremely diverse environments. This knowledge now comes in handy in your environment, thanks to our maximum partnerships . And with numerous certificates, we can guarantee that our advice is always well-founded and reasoned.

Ensures optimal operation, both of your PCs and of your staff. We manage your IT and the security of company data, so you can focus on growing your business without any worries.

How's the load of your PCs? How is the memory management? Is all software secure, patched and up to date? Do backups run correctly? Are all licenses in order...? Is company data sufficiently secured? Don't worry about this anymore, we will.

Should things ever go south... we'll be there for you. You always want to be able to ensure that you and your employees can be productive anytime, anywhere. Even when your IT guy is sick or on holiday. Because downtime often means technical unemployment.


Proactive desktop management

16 10
per user/month
  • Antivirus
  • Patch Management
  • Quarterly report on the ICT environment


Proactive desktop management + Workstation Backup

35 40
per user/month
  • Antivirus
  • Patch Management
  • Quarterly report on the ICT environment
  • Workstation Backup (100GB)


Proactive desktop management + Workstation Backup + Security

52 90
per user/month
  • Antivirus
  • Patch Management
  • Quarterly report on the ICT environment
  • Workstation Backup (100GB)
  • Microsoft 365
    • Office 365 Business Standard
      (for 5 devices!)
    • Windows 10 Pro (+ InTune)
    • Advanced Threat Protection
    • 1TB OneDrive storage
    • Device Management
  • Option: Service Level Agreement
    • Option 10/5 (office hours)
    • Option 24/7
      This way you are guaranteed to be helped quickly!

*Including a one-time installation fee of €41 per device. Backup limited to 100GB (compressed). SmartStart Care is only possible in Windows environments. Subject to price changes

A sophisticated combination of solutions serving as an essential security system

Hopefully you don't have any experience with ransomware Once infected, it's a matter of doing business with criminals (and relying on their goodwill), or say goodbye to all your files.

The consequences are disastrous. But how do you protect yourself best against hackers, phishing, viruses, cryptolockers, spyware, and other risks attacking your business from different angles all the time? A simple antivirus is not enough…


Ensures that insecure network ports and access are closed and unwanted websites can no longer be loaded.


Since a lot of malware and phishing arrives via e-mail, a strict, but correct filter is an absolute must.


Prevent dangerous programs and/or files from being able to exist or run on the PC.


If there are mails with attachments that need to get through, the files are first extensively tested on virtual environments.


Advanced Threat Protection monitors Office 365 for: spoofing, phishing and malicious links or files in mails, documents and SharePoint!

Migrate your server application(s) to the cloud and enjoy simplified ICT within the organization with a fixed, predictable cost per user.

Awingu logo with partnership

With SmartStart Cloud we offer the application(s) you need, in the cloudThe accounting software, your customer or order management... just on request as 'Software as a Service'. Available from anywhere for a low price per user.

Monitoring, backup, security, remote access... We'll take care of everything.That's how you work in a reliable environment with very high continuity. The main goal is: you can concentrate on your business and save numerous costs

This allows you to remove the server in your organisation Including maintenance, upgrades, possible outages, licenses, power consumption and noise, emergency power supply…

Access anywhere

to your application(s) via browser thanks to Awingu technology

Predictable price

fixed, per month, per user. No surprises.

Full desktop

Available in the cloud (Thin client option)

Highly Safe (GDPR)

Antivirus & End-to-end encryption provided

Automatic Backup

Off-site and fully automatic provisioning

Managed server

Including monitoring and patch management

Which applications do you want to move to the cloud? How much do you want to save? SmartStart Cloud can mean a significant drop in price for as little as 5 users!

Want to know more about our Smartstart solutions?

One formula specific to small companies where we ensure safety and continuity by proactively avoiding risks. While you are relieved of your worries.

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from A to Z

We can assist you from start to finish with every ICT project, from a helicopter view on your ICT environment. Starting from and building on your growth strategy

and transparent

We work transparently. When you work with us, you know what you're getting into and what it's going to cost.

and reasoned

We see the big picture, but at the same time we have both feet on the ground. The right solutions, ready for the future.


Our people are experts in their field. Maximum certified for carefully selected quality brands.

For the
long run

We are at our best when we enter into a long-term relationship with you, so that we know your environment, are able to manage it properly, monitor it and prevent problems.


You can always count on professional advice or support from us. With the right agreement, we will even be there for you 24/7. Yes, this includes Christmas Eve!

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