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VanRoey.be launches GroupMGR, the governance tool for groups in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Long live Microsoft Teams
The Corona crisis taught us all to work smoothly with Microsoft Teams. Meanwhile it is clear that after Corona there will be more working from home and that more meetings will take place online. Fewer trips, easier to plan and immediately share documents. These are some convincing advantages of online meetings.

Microsoft Teams is of course more than just a handy teleconference tool. Companies that make full use of Teams use it to make internal and external communication run smoothly. By creating groups for departmental and project teams, it is easy to share the right information with everyone for whom it is relevant. Teams can also be used to collaborate efficiently with customers or groups of customers or suppliers.

Chaos lurks around the corner

However, the frequent use of Microsoft Teams during the Corona crisis also taught us that chaos can quickly arise. Teams is a very accessible application. Everyone within an organization can create groups. Many employees - with all good intentions - are all too happy to take the initiative themselves.

After a while the proliferation of groups in your Microsoft 365 environment sometimes incalculable. Many groups are not used or only used by a few members. And people no longer know which groups they are members of and which of those groups are actually important or not. Moreover, when creating a new group in Teams created a lot of underlying assets: a SharePoint site, a mailbox, a Planner, and so on. The IT manager quickly loses the overview if everyone creates groups in Microsoft Teams haphazardly.

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Governance within Microsoft 365 desired

GroupMGR ("GroupManager") offers the solution to the threat of chaos. It is a governance tool that gives you the necessary overview of groups, their users and related assets such as SharePoint sites and Mailboxes. GroupMGR integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint environment.

Bring order to chaos with GroupMGR

How do you keep an overview of all your 'groups' like Teams and SharePoint sites? Our developers went to work and created this handy toolGroupMGR

With GroupMGR You decide for yourself how your organization deals with the creation of groups. For example, you can define different types of groups, such as a departmental group, a project group or a customer or supplier group. These can have different properties and the work processes can differ. For example, department groups can only be created by department heads, project groups by project leaders. In such a work process you can also stipulate that a newly created group must be approved by someone from the IT department. Dormant groups, in which there is no activity for a long time, can give a trigger to the administrator. In this way, groups that are no longer relevant - e.g. from closed projects - are removed. All these functionalities are possible thanks to a smart link with Microsoft Power Automate.

GroupMGR thus provides a interactive and clear dashboard for the users and for the IT administrators. This facilitates the use of groups and provides more insight. In addition, the information that is shared internally and externally via all groups can be handled more consciously and securely. It is clear who is active in which groups and who has which rights.

Getting started with GroupMGR

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.beThose who start with GroupMGR can easily import the already existing groups. You will then get a good overview of the current situation. Often a first optimization can be done right away. After defining some work processes, such as the different types of groupswho can create them and who can approve them, the whole of groups is given a logical structure. VanRoey.be helps you during a GroupMGR Onboarding Session on your way with this.

With GroupMGR So you always keep control of your groups and the information they share. Your internal and external communication and collaboration with GroupMGR will be even more efficient.


Want to know more about GroupMGR?

Our experts will be happy to show you how everything works.

"When creating a group in Teams, a lot of underlying assets are created: a SharePoint site, a mailbox, a Planner... The IT manager quickly loses the overview if everyone creates groups haphazardly".

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