Since 1999 the ‘Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP)’ is the standard within the ICT market for independent technical certification and training considering wireless networks.

Our specialists like a challenge. They work and study hard to achieve these certificates. This allows them to unroll the most optimal, the most secured wireless networks complying with all of todays’ demanding standards. You, as a customer of, can look at these efforts as an extremely difficult to achieve quality label.

The quality label consists of 5 exams, after which a ‘master exam’ is to be taken. Worldwide just about 300 people reached this maximum certification, among which just 1 Belgian (Working at our business partner Telenet)

Like a proud parent we can announce that our Sr Network Engineer, Hans Van Ballaer, already acquired 4 of 5 certificates. We hope to announce soon we’ll have our very first maximally certified CWPN colleague!

Good luck Hans!