Dat VanRoey.be nauw samenwerkt en hoogst gecertifieerd is bij topmerken als Fortinet is geen geheim. Met enige trots delen we dan ook dit persbericht:

Fortinet Platinum Partner and Partner of ExcellenceMarch 6, IDC published their result for new security appliances sold 2015 in the BeLux region. Fortinet is number 1 again and keeps on gaining market share.

Ever wondered why Fortinet continuously earns the ‘Recommended’ status by NSS?

For 5 years in a row Fortinet, with our different solutions, participates in NSS testing. You can clearly see that when we participate we continuously earn recommendation status. In some tests our solutions were rated ‘neutral’. You will notice that we immediately reacted on this and in a new test it turned into a recommended.

Most of the Belgian and Luxembourg customers don’t have the funding to test security systems. These clients depend on independent industry research such as NSS and their Value Added Distributers such as VanRoey.be to help them. These reports show and prove the world that Fortinet is THE right choice.

NSS: FortiGate Dominates the market in both security and performance.

Security Effectiveness: Fortinet, with the FG-3200D tied for the highest overall security effectiveness score with 99.6% and leads all next generation firewalls by blocking 99.97% of exploits in continuous, live testing.

Network Performance: Results reveal network performance gains of 37% above Fortinet’s data sheet specifications: delivering the lowest latency (average of 4.2 microseconds) of all vendors, regardless of packet size. Offering the highest number of maximum TCP connections (30 million) and receiving the second highest network performance scores (averaging over 19 Gbps). These results ensure that organizations can handle the exponentially increasing network demands from growing technology trends like Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT). All this while operating the lowest-latency, highest-performing infrastructures required today.

Value: The testing results show that Fortinet offers a winning combination of effectiveness, performance, and cost. Fortinet’s Total Cost of Ownership was far lower than their nearest performance competitor and one of two vendors whose TCO was reduced based on real-world performance compared to their claimed specifications.

Fortinet Belgium keeps on growing it’s team to be able to support you better and to stay THE Number 1 in security for the next couple of decennia.

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