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"We're your trusted guide in the digital journey, so you can create wonderful things."
Our customers want to do what they do best: deliver great products and top service. So where is IT? They rely on us for that. Are you working on this story?

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You will also get to see some vacancies from clients and/or partners who are also looking for talent with our staffing service.

apply spontaneously

We are always looking for talented and motivated employees, even if you do not yet know exactly what role you want to play. Feel free to leave your details here and who knows... 

The right choice

Changing jobs is a big decision. You don't want to take a chance with your happiness, your family... That's why your happiness is our highest priority and why we will offer you many opportunities and growth possibilities.

As a certified "Great Place To Work" organization you'll be fine!

Welcome to Kempus

Strong annual growth, both in turnover and personnel, justified the investment in "Kempus" our climate-neutral new building. Enjoy beautiful offices with huge balconies and a lovely restaurant with terrace and view over the Kempen nature...


You get confidence and are respected. You can be vulnerable, we listen!


We are financially healthy, a fixed value. Our individuality and flexibility make us grow every year.


Teambuildings, fun drinks... there's a lot of laughter. You'll be at ease right away among our fine colleagues.

Nicolas in the VanRoey T-Shirt


Our informal working atmosphere guarantees sincere communication. No-nonsense; everyone's input is always appreciated.


"Mens sane in corpore sano". We have lunch and exercise together, and mentally we support you in dealing with stress.


Bonuses, pension savings, hospitalization insurance and numerous extra-legal benefits such as an unlimited GSM subscription are ticking.


We work with the latest devices, technologies and encourage our people to dare to experiment.


Our sustainable career policy teaches you the skills that are expected of you today and tomorrow.


We contribute to a better society by focusing on local growth, charities and minimising our ecological footprint.

In 1993 the company was started by Pat Van Roey. 

What started in his garage at the Wieltjeshoeve has grown into an (inter)national top player in the field of IT services and security. Today we play along at the highest level, we protect Belgian government services and can help organisations such as Schoenen Torfs, Suez, Voka...count on our people. Read here More about

Pat with his daughter Jolien and eldest son Michiel
General Manager Pat Van Roey with his eldest son Michiel and daughter Jolien
Bookkeeper Ann and Peter, head of purchasing & logistics

Are you a VanRoeyer?

As with Idol we're looking for some kind of "X-Factor with our colleagues. It's hard to define, but clients perceive us as down-to-earth, no nonsense and sincere with the intention to help others further. In short: you will find yourself in a warm nest where you have the opportunity to develop a enduring relationship to build with customers and colleagues.

Do you recognize yourself in the characteristics below or do you feel like working with such people? Then we should talk.