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Prevent Data Leaks with AI

HR employee “Sophie” is about to leave the company. She wants to take the customer database for use at your competitor.


She logs on with her laptop in the domain and starts her CRM application to download the customer database. This is logged in the log file of the Active Directory and the CRM server.


She tries to move the large file to a USB drive, but IT blocks this method through Symantec Endpoint Protection. This was also logged.


Sophie figures that she can transfer her file through Dropbox. A few minutes later, the Fortigate firewall logs an alarm that a large file is being uploaded via filesharing software.


Finally, she also runs the companies ERP software to export client financial information. Again this is action is logged on the ERP server and again a large file goes to her Dropbox, triggering the Fortigate.

Despite the fact that this environment is properly secured and different systems detected unusual behavior, there is a real chance that Sophie will successfully steal sensitive information without anybody realizing it.

Exabeam exposes these threats with User Behavior Analytics and artificial intelligence and will intervenes on time. | Exabeam Chart

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User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Exabeam goes beyond Classic SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solutions. Through analysis of Big Data , this next-gen SIEM platform learns to know your users and sets up machine learning to identify risks (UEBA). Users with deviant behavior are evaluated and visible in the portal (see video). potential data leakages are detected and prevented in this way at a very early stage.


Collection of logs from existing hardware and/or cloud services.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyzes big data in real-time.


Machine Learning creates algorithms that exposes deviant behavior.

Insider Threat

Internal threats can have a significant impact on business operations. Exabeam helps to detect and respond to potential business risks. Through machine learning, the system collects information from badge readers, USB sticks, print servers, e-mail etc. If necessary for legal and HR purposes, i’s possible to search for behaviour that matches certain patterns. | Exabeam User and Entity behaviour analytics

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Exabeam is the market leader in the field of User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). It shows the normal and abnormal activities of a user. Unlike similar software that only show deviant behavior. With the help of the automated rating system, a system analyst can estimate much faster whether an action is considered normal or rather risky. And all this in real time! | Exabeam Data Loss prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Many DLP technologies (Data Loss Prevention) contend with the problem of false notifications. In addition, the link with earlier suspicious actions is often missing from a user. Exabeam is much more effective and efficient here:


  1. A user exports an Excel file containing financial data from your ERP system;
  2. The file is renamed and then emailed to an address that this user has never sent an email to before.

By displaying all these different actions on a single timeline, a system analyst gets a much more insightful picture of the possible incident. | Exabeam Data Loss prevention

Advanced Threat Detection

Also in the fight against malware, ransomware and phishing, Exabeam provides you with an extra layer of protection. Through combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and real-time risk calculations, suspicious login attempts on your clients or servers are detected and escalateded in very early stages. | Exabeam Advanced Threat Detection

Compliance Reporting

The new GDPR legislation requires each organisation to take measures to protect personal data. Exabeam supports its customers in this by easily providing comprehensive reports to internal or external auditors. For example, Exabeam can show all access to a confidential file or set of files on request, as well as the expected risk per user. | Exabeam Data Loss prevention

Breach investigation

Once an infringement is noticed, it is important to know who is involved, what happened to the information, which systems are at risk, how the leak arose and whether the risk is still there. Without Exabeam, it is almost impossible for a system engineer or system analyst to answer all these questions. As a result, many companies need to hire expensive consultants or specialized companies such as Mandiant (FireEye), who can only take action after a few days. | Exabeam Data Loss prevention

ExaBeam Public & Private Cloud Integration

Public & Private Cloud Integration

Detect the correlation in a large amounts of data. That’s the power of Exabeam.

Logs of local infrastructure, such as servers, clients, firewall, switches, mail, print and file servers, are read out seemlessly. Also, a connection with cloud services such as Salesforce, Office 365, Azure, Dropbox, Google or Amazon belongs to the possibilities.

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