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Dynamics 365 Real-Estate

specifically for project developers

As a project developer it is important to be able to continuously monitor the estimated budget and the actual costs. Excel can be used for this, but VanRoey.be offers you a more efficient tool with Dynamics 365 for Real Estate.

Dynamics 365 for Real-Estate provides you with an all-in-one package that includes project calculations, feasibility calculations, budgets, quota calculations, follow-up of progress reports and invoicing according to Breyne Act.

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Efficient creation of the relevant apartments in the system via a housing unit worktop:

Dynamics 365 For Real-Estate offers the possibility to create the housing units based on templates, so that the individuals are supplemented with all the necessary accounting data for later invoicing.

Dynamics 365 For Real-Estate houses the estimated cost of a project and distributes these costs among the various private individuals.

In this way, a clear insight can be obtained into the margins and selling prices to be pursued.

Display of the progress of the work according to discs according to Law Breyne: Discs can be created globally for all the apartments involved, or only for individual apartments.

Dynamics 365 for Real Estate has a separate module for quotations The user has an overview of the global quotes at a glance. 

In addition, it ensures that it is not possible to deviate from the preset total effective quotas.

The sales price module of Dynamics 365 For Real-Estate enables the user to determine the sales prices and margins of the different private individuals.This can be done before the start of the sale of the project as well as during the sales process.

Before adjusting sales prices Dynamics 365 For Real-Estate enables the user to perform simulations.

Only after the new sales prices have been evaluated will they be transferred to the active file.

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Dynamics 365 For Real-Estate offers the possibility to record the ownership structure of the buying parties.

If necessary, this structure can be adjusted late in the sales process.

The sale of a private property is recorded in a sales proposal. Dynamics 365 for Real-Estate supports the concepts "Full ownership", "Usufruct" and "Bare ownership".

Our solution can be the (partial) realization of a complete disk display.

Simple arrangement of your projects ...in:

  • Residencies,
  • Phases,
  • Subphases

A specific project bank account can be used for each residence.

Different statistical overviews and reporting possibilities of Dynamics 365 For Real-Estate provide insight into the different costs and benefits of the project in question.

Dynamics 365 for Real-Estate offers many more possibilities. Moreover, all data is fully integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365, and therefore connected to the rest of your company.

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Flexible customer invoicing according to Wet Breyne

Dynamics 365 for Real-Estate intelligently checks which disks can be invoiced and processed, together with any other sales orders and surcharges that are linked to the customer.

Surcharges The user can adjust the invoicing order using a variety of options.

The user decides whether the individual invoices are created, or via collective invoicingThanks to the far-reaching integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, our solution is able to recognise any other sales document and offer it for invoicing.

In case of advances Dynamics 365 For Real-Estate ensures that these be charged to the customer in a timely mannerIn the event of a settlement, the advances charged shall be settled with the balance invoice.

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Dynamics 365 add-ons

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be
VanRoey.be is Certified for Dynamics NAV

Dynamics 365
for Real Estate

Covers the entire load for project developers: from feasibility study to invoicing, project calculations, feasibility calculations, budgets, quota calculation, follow-up of progress reports & invoicing according to the Breyne Act.

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Dynamics 365 for
Construction & Installation

A practical solution for construction and installation companies that supports you in all administrative and logistical matters. Developed by and with specialists from the sector to fully meet your needs.

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Dynamics 365
Business Central

Connect finance, sales, service and operations. Automate & secure your supply chain so you sell smarter, with improved customer service and keep projects on track/with budget! All this within one solution.

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Dynamics 365
for Sales

Increase vendor productivity with seamless tools and promote the right relationships with CRM. Intelligent sales processes that guide vendors to optimal results. Sales smarter with insights and reasoned customer contacts.

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Dynamics 365
For Field Service

Innovate in your service experience, on the one hand by proactively detecting and solving problems so that a technician is sent only when needed, and on the other hand by providing customers with self-service portals, proactive updates and technician tracking.

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Dynamics 365
For Marketing

Turn unknown visitors into known leads, hot prospects and everything in between in this all-in-one marketing automation solution. Conduct well thought-out multi-channel remarketing campaigns to attract and keep leads.

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