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Overview Backup Solutions

Are you just armed against data loss?

Technical malfunctions, hacks, human error... Sooner or later you're gonna run into something. But if it's going to be a drama, it's up to you! Your data is vital to your organization. Therefore, secure it with the right backup:

Rapid recovery and disaster recovery
On-premise, offsite or to the cloud
Protection against cryptolockers / Ransomware
Backup of cloud solutions, VMs, clients... your entire environment!
Automated with efficient storage and network utilization

Our Professional Backup Solutions

Does your organization mainly work on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid? Do you want offsite backups to a second branch or the cloud? Anything is possible. We offer answers to the most demanding, diverse, hybrid environments:


Backups and all traffic (both on premise and to the cloud) is encrypted

Low network load

Choose the best time & only changed blocks will be processed.

Top class RPO & RTO

Choose how many backups you want to keep. Restoring whole images or specific files is child's play.

Optimal rate

Thanks to deduplication and compression, smart use of (e.g. shared) resources


Don't worry, should you still be affected, recovery will be quick.

Backup for
Windows Servers

Do you only have a few Windows servers running, on premise and/or in Azure? Then our base is 'Azure backup"the ideal way to back up off-site to Azure.
The process is very simple, safe and recovery is done in no time.

You pay a fixed amount per (Virtual) Machine and for the finally used backup storage. That makes it very cost effective.

Backup for
your Office 365 environment

Deleted SharePoint folders, OneDrive files or mails can never be restored after the trash is emptied.

With 'Veeam Backup for Office 365' you can rest assured that your OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online environments are secure. Backup to on-premise storage or the cloud.

If you have limited IT resources, you can rely on us'.Veeam Backup For Office 365 As a Service' model. You pay per user and used storage, we take care of the rest.

Backup for
Virtual Machines & Clients

If you want to quickly and easily backup and restore virtual machines from Hyper-V or VMWare is Veeam Cloud Connect the ideal solution. This tool takes snapshots of VMs and secures them on an off-site cloud service such as Microsoft Azure.

With Veeam Backup Proxy you can set up a backup on your own. To a second location, where you place your own windows server with storage, to an Azure environment, or hosted by VanRoey.be.

Backup for
Your whole environment: Disaster recovery

Ensure the continuity of your organisation with on-demand disaster recovery in the cloud. Your data center is mirrored in Azure in dormant virtual machines. These are immediately brought to life when fate strikes. This ensures redundancy at a minimum price. There's no need for additional investment in hardware, power, maintenance... Moreover, you only pay for the infrastructure when it is used.

You can count on the best recovery point (RPO) and time target (RTO) and can always test the disaster recovery without affecting the production environment. For an apple and an egg you are so assured that downtime is a thing of the past!

Make no mistake: file sync ≠ backup

Sometimes we hear that organisations synchronise data and view this as a fully-fledged 'backup'. Think of RAID configurations, mirroring, copies on an fileserver or via automatic synchronisation via a cloud service such as OneDrive, DropBox or Google Drive. This reasoning involves significant risks:

(1st item will not be displayed)

When your files turn out to be encrypted, it's twice as sour to see that all your files are encrypted with your cloud service or fileserver. This makes recovery virtually impossible.

Backup solutions offer robust deduplication and compression, so you pay less for storage. Moreover, they only send modified data within files and you can choose the moment of backup yourself, e.g. outside working hours. In this way, your network is burdened to a minimum.

Restoring a file via Dropbox or OneDrive is easy. But what if it involves multiple folders with thousands of files? What if you need to restore an environment to a specific day (e.g. just before an infection)

In cloud services like Dropbox, you can take files out of the trash for up to +/- 30 days before they are permanently deleted. With a backup solution you choose when, how often and how long backups are taken and kept.

A sync service offers little or no management options and is a lot more expensive in terms of price per gigabyte. This way storage, bandwidth and cost price can quickly swing out of the pan.

Sync services cannot back up complete servers/VMs. If you install the wrong package or a corrupt update, a complete reinstallation will be necessary.

Planning a meeting with our experts?

The need for professional backup solutions arises for every organization. 
We bring experience from thousands of environments to assist you with a.o:

  • Analysis & optimization of your current environment
  • Drawing backup architecture
  • And so much more...
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