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Schoenen Torfs sets up Central & easy to manage Wi-Fi network in 75 retail locations

We renewed the entire Wi-Fi network in over 75 retail locations, both for customers and back-office, with over 300 H510 access points centrally managed via Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi portal.
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  • Full relief for the Wi-Fi network 
  • Centrally manageable from a single point 
  • Full Coveragehigh capacity and network speed 
  • Simpledigerapid deployment and onboarding of access points 
  • Future orientation of the solution: continuous renewal and expansion


  • Full Wi-Finetwork in over 75 wiurinary locations for customers and back office 
  • Centrapmentgeek via Cloud Wi-Fithe power plant cloud portal 
  • Delivery of vast 300 Ruckus H510 access points 
  • Use BeamFlex+ technology for maximum range, high speed and large capacity 


  • Very fast and efficient rollout 
  • Easy and central management 
  • Take care of IT department 
  • Everything can be realised under own management 
  • Higher customer and employee satisfaction 

"For us, Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi a huge added value 

Shoes Torfs resolved At the end of 2017, the existing Wi-Fi network in all 75 stores overly replaced. IT partner VanRoey.be was asked to deliver a new connectivity network that was more stable and powerful than the existing system and that could also generate information about customer movements in the long run. We also wanted to move to a centrally managed system in the cloud", says Raf The CuteIT manager of Shoes Torfs"No longer dependent of individual controllerseasy to roll out"total relief." Na an extended test period elect Torfs deliberately for the purpose of Cloud Wi-Fi and access points (APs) from Ruckus.  

Wi-Fi is hugely important for the digital infrastructure in the shops from TorfsYou mobile scanners for inventory and stock management and many others devices are through the wireless network connected to the back office systems. In addition, Torfs as the most customer-friendly shoe retailer in Belgium Free since 2012 Wi-Fi in-store 

The challenge 

The existing Wi-Fi structure in the shops of Torfs In terms of capacity, stability and ease of use, the organization wanted to make an improvement in the overall connectivity."Wij build every store every five years. Every year we work in 15 to 20 stores. and then begins most of the time the misery. WWhere is the documentation, how do we install it in the new setting?

We wanted to move to a much more user-friendly and centrally managed cloud system in order to reduce tense overly losses of complex set-ups and no longer Continuously a profession need draw on the expertise of external experts for installation and configuration. In addition Employees were sometimes confronted with a faltering connection and customers in the store were sometimes unable to connect to the Wi-Fi. We wanted to get rid of that.. In addition, we were also looking for a system that could could grow with us and support us in obtaining analyticslike footfall and heatmapsin this way Raf The Cute. 

The solution 

Ruckus | VanRoey.beBased on the wishes of Torfs came permanent IT partner VanRoey.be albeit ...quickly out at Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi."I'm was very charmed by the platform. It looked good, it is simple and ...constantly evolving. It's getting more and more extensive and better."...tells De Leu.  

The main advantages of Cloud Wi-Fi for Raf were: "It's easy to manage and easy to deploy. We can see with a single click where which access point is located, we can upload floor plans of the shops and easily drop access points into them. boardFor us, that means cloud portal a huge added value. The gives our full insight and a great deal of user-friendliness because we can do everything from a central management platform. and via the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi App be able to manageWe can, for example, remotely monitor the network speed and understand usage and other meaningful analyticsIn addition there are many more interesting features that we can be able to make use of it in the long term.  

The choice for Cloud Wi-Fi was followed by an extensive Proof or Concept phase of six months. Hans van Ballaer from VanRoey.be narratesWe first worked out a shop completely and tested how the Wi-Fi signal behaves in detail: to what extent Does a shoe rack in the store absorb the signal, are there differences in the storage space? That gave us a good picture at different establishments and situations. We wanted ...to know for sure that the system would still function well after a few months. And it did." 

The rollout to all shops.on in juni 2018 ewashing in five weeks realized. “De roll-out washing This was due, on the one hand, to the fact that Hans had drawn up the network with all access points (AP’s) for each store; on the other hand, to the very user-friendly installation of the system. Thanks to the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi App, the installation of APs With this mobile app, you can use all your APs quick and easy pre-staging. All we had to do was somebody who, according to Hans' plans, could pull the cables and the APs ...could hang up. With the Cloud Wi-Fi App and record it in the cloud portal of a AP almost on its own.  If shops are renovated now, the network can be adapted quickly, without the need for technical staff.  

The choice was made for the Ruckus APsThey are compact in design and have a connection capacity of up to 100 simultaneous clients. For the wireless connection for customers in the shop there are a number of safety precautions so that the company's network remains protected and illegal websites are blocked. In every store has Torfs built up another redundant firewall layer, so that at that level the network usage can be controlled. is still possible.  

The result 

"The advantage of our choice of Ruckus is also the power of the Wi-Fi signal," says De Leu. "We notice that the signal has a wide range. Compared to other brands. That was a striking difference for me and meant that we had less APs The stability of the total solution is also distinctive. You don't notice, for example, that your roamt (dr. Roaming is automatically switching between different AP’s’).” 

Raf is also very enthusiastic about the service and support provided by VanRoey.be and Ruckus: "A question or a malfunction was immediately and firmly addressed. The customer focus was certainly decisive for me, and I have the guarantee that any malfunctions would be resolved as quickly as possible, and that is fully realised. That is worth a lot to me.". 

"We find that other retail chains unpleasant Torfs observe as an example for the connectivity network. The speed of the roll-out, the ease with which The Wi-Fi in as many locations as possible. is to manage the stabiand the strength of the overall Ruckus network, which is contagious for other companies and sectors"., decision From Ballaere.  

About Shoes Torfs

Shoes Torfs is a concept in Belgium. The family business was was founded in October 1948, and now counts vast 75 storesSince 2006 is Torfs invariably eeone of the best employers in Belgium and for years the company has been was voted Best Retailer in Belgium in the footwear category. Since 2012 it ook as a webshop very successful. In the shops and on The head office in Sint-Niklaas employs more than 700 people.

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For us it was very important that the Wi-Fi networks in all over 75 shops were easy to roll out, easy to manage and always stable. We can now see with one click where the access point is located and we can easily board a new access point ourselves.”
Raf De Leu
IT Manager Shoes Torfs
Raf De Leu IT Manager Schoenen Torfs

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