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Business & Enterprise Printers

Sustainability and cost efficiency go hand in hand

We take care of your IT department and your budget with sustainable printing solutions

Dramatically reduce energy, waste and ink costs
Go from time-consuming and complex, to simple management
User-friendly devices without nuisance

Why printing at VanRoey.be?

Advance bill

All-inclusive price
Based on your average print consumption We charge a monthly advance for service, supplies and maintenance. This amount is adjusted on a regular basis according to use.

Smart software

Identify bottlenecks
We manage & monitor your entire printer fleet. Gain insight into costs and reduce them by the optimize use. All this with extra attention to the security of your infrastructure.


Safe and efficient use
Print anywhere with one driver (Follow me Print principle) and don't release prints until you physically get to the printer; set black and white and/or duplex as the default or enforce it... Numerous options!

Kyocera Multifunctionals

Kyocera continues to strive for lower TEC (energy cost) / TCO (total cost of ownership) and better up-to-date security of document flows against cyber attacks.

  • Security-first approach
  • Built-in A.I. to optimise resolution, readability...
  • Many expansion modules

Epson inkjet

Score on sustainability and price with replaceable ink pack system (RIPS)

Four bags that last up to years, or a mountain of toners/cartridges, photoconductors, drums and packaging materials? That choice is obvious!

  • Tens of thousands of prints per bag of ink powder
  • Drastically reduced waste and logistics
  • No heating (= less energy consumption)
  • No emissions!

A4 and/or A3 inkjet with Micro Piezo technology

Epson Micro Piezo technology Fast, reliable and high-quality printing thanks to a revolutionary print head

  • Extremely sharp and high quality prints
  • Consumes only 80 watts (cf: laser uses >1,200 watts)
  • Very fast first print
  • Few parts, so little chance of defects

HP Laser Jets

In specific situations, laser may still be the optimal choice. For this, HP's very fast and reliable multifunctionals are ideal.

  • A4 or A3 size
  • Page volume up to 100,000 pages per month
  • Optimal for gloss printing and marking

Your print park under the microscope?

Find out how we can optimize your printing system, reduce costs and help meet your environmental goals!

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