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At Mathieu Gijbels, a well-known contractor in the construction industry, they still print on paper despite increased digitisation. For this, they need reliable and high-quality printers. Thanks to VanRoey and the HP printers, printing now runs very smoothly. And cheaper than before.
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Bart Maes, ICT manager at Mathieu Gijbels, explains how their search for a new printer park began: "Our previous printer park was 5 years old and 4 devices were at the end of their warranty. This compromised continuity. We then asked ourselves whether we would only replace those 4 devices or whether we would suddenly opt for a completely new printer fleet. As printing costs had dropped considerably in those 5 years, after consultation we decided to suddenly replace all printers."

HP Amplify Power Services Partner | VanRoey.beThey knew very well what problems they were running into with their old printers and what they needed from their new printers expected. With that knowledge in mind, they contacted a number of different parties. "Armed with a USB stick, we went out to various demo rooms to test the devices. This is also how we stopped by VanRoey. We paid particular attention to whether these devices could solve our problems and whether the colour fastness was OK. After visiting the HP demo room at VanRoey, we immediately knew: these are the devices we need," says Bart Maes.

Working with a partner

And so the process was set in motion at VanRoey. Based on the prints from the past few months, the account manager made a proposal as to which printers would best suit the construction company. "The account manager explained everything well, to-the-point and without any bells and whistles. Very nice to work together like that," Bart recalls. It was not Mathieu Gijbels' first collaboration with VanRoey, by the way. "We already had a cooperation with VanRoey for hardware. We don't see VanRoey as a supplier, but as a partner. A partner that relieves us the way we relieve our customers in the construction industry. A printer just has to print, so we can concentrate on other things."

Bart Maes by Mathieu Gijbels

Safe quality

Based on the VanRoey proposal, Mathieu Gijbels chose 14 new printers. These new printers not only excel in quality, they are also very user-friendly. "Previously, the colour fastness left much to be desired, whereas it is really important for certain documents. We had to adjust the settings each time, whereas now the printers do it themselves. Moreover, every device has the same interface, so every device has the same controls. That is very convenient for our staff. And we can now also scan double-sided pages in one pass. That is a really noticeable advantage in times of digitisation. Also, everything is now standardised," says Bart.

Another big advantage of HP's printers is that they are very secure printers. Bart can also confirm this: "It's nice to know that besides being high-quality printers, they are also very secure printers. A printer is a small computer these days, so it has to be very secure as well."

Cheaper printing

Mathieu Gijbels chose to bring the printers in house via a rental formula. And that appears to have been a good move. Bart Maes: "Previously, the machines were purchased, we used a maintenance contract and paid a fixed price per printout. With the rental formula we now use, we pay a fixed rental price and a printing cost based on consumption. Without investment, we now have brand new machines and yet our total printing cost is lower than before.

Building by Mathieu GijbelsQuickly configured and neatly tidy

The delivery and configuration of the printers also went smoothly. "A schedule was drawn up beforehand and VanRoey and HP neatly adhered to it. The devices were brought in here and assembled immediately. All waste and mess was neatly cleared away and the next day all devices were configured. Surely you can't have better," said a satisfied ICT Manager.

About Mathieu Gijbels

Mathieu Gijbels is a contractor specialising in office and industrial construction, both new construction and renovation. They also offer retrofitting services to keep buildings in good condition. In addition, they also do project development. Mathieu Gijbels employs 320 people, half of whom are labourers and half white-collar workers. They have 3 branches, but the head office is located in Oudsbergen.

"We don't see VanRoey as a supplier, but as a partner. A partner that relieves us the way we relieve our customers in the construction industry."
Bart Maes
ICT manager
Bart Maes by Mathieu Gijbels

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