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Storage & Servers

Infrastructure is rarely 100% Cloud or 100% on-premises. A reasoned combination of both is often the best option.

The ideal balance between cloud and on-premises? VanRoey.be is the ideal Hybrid IT partner to draw out the design of your data centre or server farm:

Gold partnerships with Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell...
Experience in thousands of highly diverse and complex environments
Highly certified Level 3 specialists think with you
Managed Services to fully unburden you and maximise uptime

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be
HPE Gold Partner Solution Provider | VanRoey.be
Dell Titanium Partner

Performant environment

With maximum uptime, unprecedented speed and scalability

Save and optimize

The right decisions result in substantial savings


Prepare your infrastructure for a digital and flexible future

Free choice

Choose the best environment for each workload or application

Professional support

Rely on advice and guidance from our certified experts

Various on-premises options

VanRoey.be has 30 years of experience in thousands of diverse environments. That knowledge comes in handy when you want to renew your data centre. It allows you to deploy the right solutions in the right place. Our maximum partnerships with companies like Microsoft, HPE, Dell EMC, Veeam, Fortinet... we can force support from the manufacturer.

HPE Alletra 5000: Hybrid Flash
(replaces HPE Nimble HF)
HPE Alletra 6000: All Flash
(Replaces HPE Nimble AF)
Mission Critical
HPE Alletra 9000
(Replaces HPE Primera)
Highlights Great for smaller organisations without their own IT department that have enough with 2 servers. Aimed at smaller organisations that need lots of computing power and instant redundancy. Focus on deduplication: Average 50TB on 1TB storage up to even 100TB/1TB(!). All-in-one: Go from 8h to 2h in your server rack. Recommended for multiple sites. Automated asynchronous replication. Deduplication possible. Standard 3 year warranty with highly specialized support. High demand & availability (100% uptime!) enterprise storage with very high performance.
Type of use Entry level / Basic performance Entry-level / Flash performance Focus on manageability Focus on manageability Focus on manageability and high performance
Recommended management VanRoey.be VanRoey.be Own IT, no knowledge required Own IT, no knowledge required Daily management by internal IT department, maintenance by VanRoey.be
Scalability Scalable with downtime Scalable without downtime Scalable without downtime Scalable without downtime Scalable without downtime
Customer installable updates
Connection server(s) SAS, iSCSI or Fibre iSCSI N/A (Hyper Converged) iSCSI or Fibre Fibre Channel
Integration possibilities:
Veeam backup
VMware vSphere

Replication Asynchronous Synchronous Synchronous Asynchronous & Synchronous
Deduplication Built-in
(2.5:1 guaranteed)
(2:1 guaranteed)
Analysis & reporting VMware vCenter & limited HPE InfoSight VMware vCenter HPE InfoSight HPE InfoSight
Extra support by supplier Support by StorMagic Optional remote & on-site support Incl. automated, remote & on-site support Support by HPE

What if you only want to pay for what you really use? (pay-as-you-use)
What if you need maximum performance today, but no major investment can/dare to do?
What if cloud infrastructure is not an option and on-premises a must? (sensitive data, speed requirements...)

HPE offers the solution!

HPE Greenlake: On-premises IT as a service

Performing on-premises data centres like Nimble or Simplivity are hefty investments.

Thanks to HPE Greenlake, this becomes a set monthly cost based on actual usage.

HPE Infosight Logo
HPE Infosight Logo | VanRoey.be

HPE Infosight: the power of AI & Predictive Analytics

By avoiding technical problems, you achieve maximum uptime. HPE InfoSight can prevent or automatically fix 86% of the problems!

How does it work? Statistics, usage and malfunctions of tens of thousands of servers are analysed 24/7. This data is subjected to artificial intelligence, enabling 'HPE InfoSight' to make recommendations based on your resources (e.g. hard disk, memory or processor status). The more customers use the tool, the more accurate it will work.

And then there's countless cloud services...

Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive collection of cloud services with unrivalled continuity guarantees. You have complete freedom to use the highly developed infrastructure and/or build applications without investing in hardware. All these services integrate perfectly within your own network environment.

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be

You want to take a look at your (future) data centre with us?

We recommend moving towards an optimal environment. Need advice? Get assistance from our certified Level 3 specialists.

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A 100% Belgian data center optimized for the hybrid model. Discover the advantages for your organization in this webinar!

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Why VanRoey

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