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Project operation

Hybrid approach of Prince2 & Agile guarantees success

Based on years of experience in various projects, a hybrid project approach has been established that follows the PRINCE2 principles as standard.

Depending on the assignment, the project may be supplemented with iterative work packages, which in turn are developed via AGILE principles.

Predictive lifecycle

Think of standard applications or installations.
Accurate design and planning/delivery in one or more phases to build up the result incrementally

Adaptive Lifecycle

The final result has not yet been determined in detail.
After the inventory of requirements, the implementation takes place as an iterative process.

PRINCE2 + Agile: Project Phases

VanRoey.be has the necessary resources with appropriate skills and experience to guide organisations through the process of analysis and assessment for the most appropriate solutions. Our professional advice takes into account both the current situation and the future growth path to be supported.

Directing the project: How do we (not) proceed?

How we do not work

Classically, there is many separate tools worked. In itself, these do what they are supposed to do, but the result is that there are Unstructured, decentralised and version-controlled is being worked on. Employees cannot find their way to the right (up-to-date) information, rights management is challenging and there is a proliferation of documents.

Effortless collaboration with boundless involvement

The project team works in one "unified modern workplace"using the same tools, securely & in real time, together on the same documents. Communication and documentation is structured thanks to templates, and with the help of dashboards, clear project planning, SharePoint lists and underlying automation, everyone stays well informed.


Our project team works in a very process-oriented way, taking into account the user interests and a strong involvement with the key users (ownership) through a pragmatic approach and always with a focus on the result.

In order to monitor the progress and quality of a project, the following areas are essential:

Follow-up on milestones & deliverables

Using Gantt Chart - Timeline & Dependencies

Scope refinement & monitoring/quality

Using Use Cases & User Acceptance Tests (UAT)

Risks & responsibilities

Using Risk Matrix & Mitigation - RACI table, among others

Real-time budget reporting

Using Actuals - Estimation To Complete


We have the necessary skills, experience and training to give professional advice from an active listening position. Decisive as a team and result-oriented, we strive for a quality delivery.
Through clear communication and sufficient structural coordination moments and status meetings, we ensure that all parties involved are always on the same page and keep the same goal in mind.
Don't hesitate to contact us for an informal talk. We will gladly help you bring success to your project, regardless of its size or complexity.

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