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Microsoft 365

Affordable productivity suite for your organization

Microsoft 365 is Office 365 + Windows 10 + security and much more... One inexpensive suite, starting at just €16.9 per user per month, all with a central management console and simple invoicing!

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be
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Today, almost all of your business operations can be carried out via Office 365 with SharePoint, Teams... Extremely versatile, always up-to-date and fully integrated... All in the cloud!

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Windows 10 Enterprise
Use the most advanced features of Windows 10 Enterprise to be more productive, efficient and secure in the realm This makes all workstations easy to manage. Read more about windows 10

Microsoft 365 Enterprise contains the comprehensive Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EMS) that gives you powerful cloud security and management tools like Intune, among others.

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium vs Microsoft Enterprise E3

Download our schedules from Microsoft 365 Business Premium (formerly: Microsoft 365 Business) & Microsoft 365 E3 and be amazed at how many tools you get for little money!
Yes: all prices of all individual elements are listed in the download!

Add-ons for Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3

There is also a Microsoft 365 E5 suite, which we offer but is rarely applicable. That is why we bring the best extra features to Microsoft 365 E3 as separate modules:

Microsoft Office 365 Identity & Advanced Threat Protection (Plan 2)

This advanced protection can replace the most advanced cloud antivirus and antispam solutions!

Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Compliance

Automatically adds extra protection and rights management to specific documents to prevent them from being freely forwarded or printed, depending on the content.

Managed Microsoft 365 formulas

When all Microsoft 365 licenses are activated you can get started. But "with great power comes great responsibility." To make sure your investment pays off, there is no proliferation of licenses, that your environment is safe and that there are thorough backups... And that you can go somewhere for support... Do you have to ask the following questions:

  • Is your environment adequate secure?
  • Do you have a good backup foreseen?
  • Are the tools active usage?
  • Can you add or remove licenses yourself?
  • Do users know how to get started with all the tools? Do they get proper training?
  • Are all licenses fully utilized?
  • Where can colleagues go with inquiries?
  • Who uses which tools?
  • Where can you go for technical support?
  • How to fast you can click on this support arithmetic?

To save you these headaches, VanRoey.be offers all-inclusive "Managed Microsoft 365" packages at an extra advantageous rate:

Managed Silver

Managed Gold

Managed Platinum
Summary: You can create or remove licenses yourself in our cloud portal. In addition, you'll get extra support from our support and licensing specialists and your environment will get extra basic security with monitoring. On top of the silver package you are guaranteed support within 4 hours. You will experience advanced security and additional backups on an independent platform. We regularly check your MS 365 environment and monitor alerts, backups and other events. In addition to all Silver and Gold's features, you'll receive additional on-site training and proactive licensing advice. We keep a close eye on your security configuration and provide advice. Finally, you can configure your company signature under mails.
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Manage and (de)activate licenses in our portal
Started a new colleague? Other colleague left? (de)activate licenses yourself without our intervention and save drastically!
Tenant Monitoring
Access to Helpdesk
Basic security for your Cloud environment
Targeted communication about news and security
Access to workshops and sessions
Support licensing specialists
Started a new colleague? Other colleague left? (de)activate licenses yourself without our intervention and save drastically!
Advanced email, file and phishing security
SLA within 4h (during office hours)
Technical malfunction? Our support is guaranteed to be ready for you within 4 hours.
Advanced Endpoint Security + follow-up
Additional backups on independent platform
If you permanently delete files or mails within Microsoft 365, they are gone forever, or 30 days after they went in the trash. That's why we provide an extra backup
Periodic Q&A sessions
Periodic review of your Microsoft 365 environment
Follow-up alerts, events, backups, compliance...
An always-up-to-date security policy
Personalized signature
Continuous improvement
On-site training
Proactive licensing advice
Our licensing specialists will find the best formulas for you and analyse your usage. This way you can regularly optimise and save
Security Assessment / Secure Score
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FAQ / Frequently asked questions

No, Microsoft is very flexible in this, you can perfectly license users according to their specific needs, so you never pay too much for a product they never use.
This is possible thanks to our 'Microsoft Cloud Partnership' status immediately from our free cloud portal. For this you get a log-in and you can easily manage all licenses yourself. This way you never pay too much and you are not dependent on us (e.g. outside office hours) to keep a colleague productive.
Yes, if you are taking Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 or E5, an upgrade for your device to Windows 10 Enterprise is included. For Microsoft 365 business, this is Windows 10 Pro.
Take it from us, it is not easy to receive this partnership from Microsoft. As a Gold partner you are assured of our expertise with over 25 years of experience in thousands of organizations and endless certificates. We can also help with a well-considered implementation of Office 365, Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics NAV, Azure solutions and EMS. In addition, we make sure that everyone is involved thanks to proven change management systems.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Microsoft 365 E3?

Schedule a meeting with our certified Microsoft Experts and you'll soon realize how much you can save in your environment!

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