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Power Apps

build versatile business apps with little code

With Microsoft Power Apps, you optimise business processes by easily displaying or collecting complex or cumbersome material... 

With Power Apps, anyone can turn ideas into smart apps.
Smartphone, tablet, PC... your apps work everywhere.
Start quickly with a wide variety of templates.
Establish links with the Power Platform, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, external datasets...

In short: build yourself functional business apps that connect specific data sources to simplify work

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Power Apps

Building applications in Power Apps:

Everyone at work

Empower your colleagues to build applications with advanced functionality, including easy-to-deploy AI modules. 

Simplicity & speed

Power Apps Studio, the simple design programme with drag & drop you quickly put together a handy app. Implementation and further optimisations afterwards are lightning-fast.

Promote innovation

Canvas apps, Model-driven apps... You build your own solutions for task- and role-specific scenarios. Think of inspections, vendor support or integrated marketing views.

"There's a Power App for that"

Automatically generate impressive, responsive apps for any device

Secure enterprise apps with little code and precise rights management

Expand functionality with an ever-expanding library of connectors

Microsoft Power Platform

Your Power Apps speak the same language as the Microsoft Dataverse & Power Platform

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Are you struggling with a complex challenge where Power Apps can help with?

Building Automations, Apps, Power BI reports & intelligent Power Pages requires the necessary experience, technical knowledge, business acumen, analytical ability, creativity... This is where VanRoey makes a difference...

We advise concepts based on certified knowledge and heaps of experience

We configure existing or build new APIs and make new connections

Open mind: we will train your people if you wish. trainings. Get to work yourself

Also SharePoint-solutions (or even the SPFX framework) is part of our skillset

If Microsoft CSP and Gold Partner we can help with the licence management

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be

Getting started with Power Apps?

View demo setups and discuss options to untangle your operational knots!

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Power Apps is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, a collection of versatile tools to connect all data and processes (internal and external)!

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