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Be-Trans on the digital highway thanks to SharePoint

Watch in this video case how the Belgian transport company Be-Trans became a paperless organisation thanks to Microsoft SharePoint.

Digitisation as a means for sustainable growth

The transport sector is a very competitive market. Efficiency and process optimisation are therefore crucial in order to maintain competitiveness and to be profitable as a company. It is not only the transports that have to run flawlessly. The supporting IT must also be up to scratch.
Bert Vranckx, BE-Trans Manager: “We want to be completely in step with the digital transformation. Digitization is a means for sustainable further growth.

Data immediately available in the digital workplace

BE-Trans has a lot of specialized software in use. A.o. for vehicle management, but also for personnel management, insurances, etc. By bringing all these matters in one platform, BE-Trans makes the data easily accessible to the right people and enables clear reporting.

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.beTom Heurckmans, Functional Consultant Modern Workplace, VanRoey.be: "We have a SharePoint Provide a solution that bundles the dispersed data from tractors and semi-trailers. All administrative documents are also collected in the digital workstation. Because all data is available online, the collaboration between people in the office and drivers runs very smoothly. With their tablet, the drivers can easily open the necessary documents. BE-Trans is really evolving towards a paperless organization.

Super acceleration thanks to real-time dashboard

The digital workstation is fully structured according to the operational processes of BE-Trans. This is a great advantage, because the digital workplace immediately feels familiar. Very often, organisations work the other way around, tuning their processes to the available software. The customization of the digital workplace which VanRoey.be drew up for BE-Trans, results in major efficiency gains. The IT is tuned to the operations.

The fact that all data comes together in one platform makes it easier to establish relationships. More information is available and this leads to new insights, which in turn enables further optimisation of the operational processes.

Bert Vranckx, BE-Trans Management Company: "Data from the 220 tractors and 400 semi-trailers now comes on a real-time dashboard. This gives immediate insight into costs, possible savings and possible adjustments. That really gives us super acceleration.

Attention to user adoption and close customer contact

A solution is only as successful as its acceptance by users. Also at BE-Trans, VanRoey.be has special attention for the user adoption. It is important to have a good understanding of the needs and working methods of the employees.

Profile photo Stefaan Scheyltjens Stefaan Scheyltjens, Sales Manager VanRoey.be: "We always start from the customer's needs, so every project is different. But the needs and working methods also differ at the level of the employees. To get everyone on board, it is very important to understand these individual aspects as well. We involve key-users from the start. They really help shape a project. We guide all employees with training tailored to their needs and competencies. This can be done in class or via a very extensive online training platform.

Attention to user adoption is essential in the initial phase of every new project. But further follow-up is also important for continued support and optimisation. Companies like BE-Trans do not stand still! VanRoey.be always keeps its finger on the pulse via regular meetings and conference calls. The collaboration with BE-Trans has been like this for over eight years.

About Be-Trans

BE-Trans is an oversized transport company with 220 tractors and 400 semi-trailers. In recent years, the company has experienced strong growth and the range of services has evolved from pure transport to a total relief for the customer in terms of logistics.

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"Data from the 220 tractors and 400 semi-trailers now comes on a real-time dashboard. This gives immediate insight into costs, possible savings and possible adjustments. That really gives us super acceleration."
Bert Vranckx
Management company BE-Trans
Bert Vranx & Astrid Krieckemans Be-trans

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