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The Digital Workplace

Perfect the functioning of your organization by using the right technology.

VanRoey.be builds the bridge between business management, Office 365, cloud services, big data and Internet of Things. This on the perfect hardware to bring these technologies to their full potential, whether on your desk, on the road or in conference rooms.

All these solutions come to life and can be experienced in real time during a tour of our Experience Center.

HP Modern Workplace Compilation

Devices that make work easier and make heads turn

Be productive everywhere on high-performance, beautiful devices; that's what millenials expect. From Workstation up to 2-in-1 tablet/convertible.

Intelligent apps bring out the best in your business

Don't work harder, work smarter! Our experts & AI expose correlations and possibilities that were previously science fiction!

CTouch screen and stand
Yealink Office Devices | VanRoey.be

Meeting tools that amaze colleagues and visitors

Touchscreens and interactive communication tools take meetings, presentations or multimedia to the next level.

Get your digitisation up to speed. In an interactive tour, we show the contemporary possibilities of the modern workplace. So you can experience for yourself how well it works!

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Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be
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Why VanRoey?

Why VanRoey

What will the future bring? Get an exclusive tour & plenty of inspiring sessions at the revamped Living Tomorrow. It promises to be another great and educational year-end event! See you there?

Attention: limited number of places!