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Expertise Services

Count on us when & where your organisation needs it

With numerous Level 3 IT experts on board, VanRoey.be is an ideal partner to assist your IT department with specific challenges and in emergency situations. With 'Expertise Services' you get the following support:

Specialists visit regularly for challenging interventions & advice
A Service Manager monitors & analyses issues and tickets
Option on a 24/7 hotline to Level-3 specialists with SLA(!)
Option to bring in our people if you are short on knowledge or hands

Who is 'Expertise Services' designed for?

count on our knowledge & help when needed

You have a own mature IT department & environment and wants to stay in control.

But, you want to be able to appeal external advice from experienced profiles

Occasionally you will come across Knowledge or specialists shortage and want to be able to count on people who know your environment

You want 24/7 on direct support of senior profiles can count on

War on talent

Finding and retaining the right IT profiles is no laughing matter; and given the complexity, you cannot expect your IT department to have all the knowledge available, nor that they will (want to) be available 24/7.

How does it work?

1. Intake Analysis

During an in-depth analysis, we get to know your environment and determine how and where we can improve your be able to structurally support organisation; possibly followed by some minor necessary interventions that come up.

2. Price Setting

An agreed monthly price is then determined depending on the number of estimated visits from our specialists and support by the service manager.

Option: 24/7 Level 3 Hotline

Do our specialists visit more than 4 times a year?
Then you will get the option to also click on 24/7 support!

You will immediately and àllways get a certified Level 3 expert on the line in emergencies, in the following categories:

Sr. Fortinet Engineer

Sr. Networking Specialist

Sr. Server & storage specialist

Sr. Microsoft Cloud & AD expert

Sr. All-round profile

Your IT department can count on us

Knowledge or hands short? Need a solid challenge and advice? Sudden breakdown?
Ye may rest assured. Up to 24 on 7, you are just a phone call away from profiles with the highest possible certification and baking experience in diverse environments. 

Want to know more about Expertise Services?

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